Pillars of capitalist rule


I am writing to thank the CC of the CGPI for its incisive and insightful statement entitled "Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are major pillars of capitalist rule!" released on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Lok Sabha, 20th May, 2012.

This statement highlights the highly developed theoretical outlook of the party and also reflects the fact that we in the CGPI do not kow-tow to bourgeois pressure to accept their line on matters of state. It is also important to make the connection between the main pillars of the Indian state and their connection to the political-economy of the country. What is also shocking is the complicity of the parliamentary Communist parties and their brazen surrender to bourgeois pressure. At a time when world over the system of representative democracy is in irreversible crisis, these "Communists" have united with the worst bourgeois parties, namely, the Congress and BJP to assert the `supremacy' of Parliament. History is sure to teach these traitors a lesson.

Having said the above, it is important to understand what exactly is the line that is being put forth in the statement so that we Communists understand how to develop it further. The important thing to note is that the Constitution of India was drawn up by members of the Constituent Assembly elected under British colonial rule. The Constitution keeps as its centrepiece British and Euro-centric colonial theory that says that the people will be ruled by a political class.

It repudiates the historical experience of the Indian people that says that it is the Praja that is supreme and that it is the Raja that shall be subservient to the Praja. While this line was compromised over the millenia, the historical impulse has been the periodic up-swell of this need, indeed as it was during the 1857 Ghadar. Thus, the Westminster model adopted by the classes into whose hands the Supreme Power passed is a repudiation of that historical impulse. The capitalist class which can only rule through force found the Westminster model ideal for its ends. Thus, the struggle today is to elaborate on the nature of state and the nature of power in India, and how the Westminster model serves to negate our historical experience. By pointing out that the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are the pillars of capitalist rule, our party has brought to centrestage the issue around which debate must take place. Let us work towards overthrowing the system that enslaves all of us.


A. Narayan, Bangalore


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