Anglo-American imperialists must be made to pay for their crimes!

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Dear Sir,

I would like to join the call of the CGPI carried in the article entitled "Ten years of the Iraq War: Anglo-American imperialists must pay for their most horrific crime", published in the April 1-15, 2013 issue of MEL.  It would be impossible to describe in words the magnitude of the crime carried out by the most rapacious imperialist powers that the world has seen.  Armed to the teeth with the most destructive and potent weapons known to mankind, this alliance has wreaked the worst possible destruction on a small and defenceless country, with the rest of the world standing mum on their indefensible attack on the sovereignty of a country.  The rest is there for everyone to see: in the name of installing `democracy' the invasion has led to the destruction of a significant fraction of the population, vast refugee crisis and with the outright neo-colonial conquest of the vast oil fields of the country.  Indeed, it is almost impossible to find any apologist for this gruesome aggression.  In fact, world over it is a widely held belief that the primary architects of the war be treated as war criminals worthy of being brought to trial.

In particular, the stage has been set for these imperialist powers  and their rivals and collaborators, such as France, Italy and others to try and meddle in the affairs of other countries, to support this or that rag tag bunch to destablize governments in the entire region. Sadly, it is the very presence of the oil in these lands that has brought such tragedy as visitors to this region.   Indeed, the article does point  out that against all odds, the resistance to the invasion has continued and that the people of Iraq have put up a heroic resistance.  No amount of cynical talk about regime change and democracy can convince anyone that this is not all about oil and its control, and strategic control of the regions to contain Russia and China.  Let us all denounce this cynical aggression against a defenceless independent country as the tenth anniversary of the invasion has passed.


S. Nair, Kochi


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