In defence of the identity of the worker


I am writing to thank you for carrying the educational and informative article entitled `Necessity to defend the identity of the working class’ which is the fourth and concluding part of a series of articles on this most important and burning question, in the September 1-15, 2013 issue of MEL.

It is an important article as it carries out one of the ongoing tasks of the proletarian revolution. It strengthens the basis of class struggle discovered by Karl Marx in the nineteenth century in Europe and is the basis of the dynamics of society in twenty first century India. It is important because it stems the flow of retrogression that has gripped all sections of Indian society, partly due to the uninterrupted barrage of misinformation and propaganda of the bourgeoisie.

The article starts by pointing out that a wrong line has been implanted by the bourgeoisie which is that there are no classes in India, but rather that there are only rich and poor and the middle class. In fact, capitalist development in India has led to unparalleled growth in the riches of the Indian bourgeoisie which has led them to aspire for imperialist domination. The article points out a very important feature of modern India, which is that the middle strata of peasants and artisans has numerically dwindled and has been decimated by the growth of capitalism, with the rise of the working population as the majority. Indeed, the main dynamic in the society is the further polarization of India into the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The working class is the revolutionary class at this time.

It is important to bring this feature back into the centre-stage of class struggle and carry out the unfinished tasks of revolution. The unity of communists as this time to become the vanguard of the working class and of revolution remains the other unfinished task. Thus, by deliberating on the question of `who is a worker?’ our Party has contributed to the theoretical advancement of revolution. I thank you again for carrying this article, reading which is a must for anyone interested in the proletarian revolution.

Sincerely, A.Narayan



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100 years ago Ghadar Party was formed by Indians in the US.It was historic milestone in our anti-colonial struggle.

The goal of this party was to organise a revolution to liberate our motherland from British servitude and establish a free and independent India with equal rights for all. It believed this to be the necessary condition for our people to hold their heads high anywhere in the world.

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Call of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 30th August, 2012

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Necessity for the working class to take political powerThe initiating speech, at the working class conference on the Way Forward held on 23-24 December 2011, was made by comrade Lal Singh, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India. The document entitled the necessity for the working class to take political power has been edited based on the discussion in the conference and is being published according to the decision the Central Committee.

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Power to DecideVoice of the Communist Ghadar Party of India on the Power to Decide

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