Imperialist interference in Ukraine


I am writing to express my agreement with the article in the February 16-28, 2015 issue of MEL entitled `Imperialists step up their interference and warmongering as crisis deepens in Ukraine.’  The naked face of US and European imperialism is there for everyone to see, but the alarming feature is that the Indian ruling circles, far from recognizing this ugly face, are cozying up to the same imperialist forces without a recognition of the dangers that lie ahead for the people of India.  The reasons for this are two fold, which are that there is no guarantee that India will not be the next target of imperialist intrigue, which it has been in the past, and will continue to be so, whereas the other being that the Indian ruling circles see themselves as an ascendant imperialist power, and hence do not have any real problem with the modus operandi of imperialism.  Indeed, as we have learnt from the analysis of Lenin, imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism, and Indian capitalism as it has matured has turned India also into an aspiring imperialist power.  This being the case, the people of India must study carefully the lessons that have been laid out by history for the people, by studying examples that abound in the past and in the present.

The people of the former Soviet Union have always been a friendly people of India, and it is a matter of great pain and shame that they are today the victims of imperialist intrigue.  Ukraine was one of the very significant European republics in the erstwhile USSR, which disintegrated over two decades ago.  Ukraine had also been one of the great victims of the Hitlerite conquest of Eastern Europe and had been laid to waste by the Nazi onslaught during World War II.  The people of the USSR and the Ukraine had jointly fought the German onslaught and had been victorious.   That such a tragedy has come to pass in Ukraine is a matter of great regret for all peace and justice loving peoples.  The article in the MEL recounts in great detail the method by which US imperialism has gone about engineering coups and the manner in which it has tried to demonize Russia in this matter. 

Let there be no doubt that the events in Ukraine are the result of the interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation by the most hated imperialist powers.  Let it also be known that the US continues willy-nilly because of its geographical separation from these theatres and does not care what the human and material cost of this conflict is.  It also does not care that the brinkmanship may spill over into Western Europe with the possibility of a full-fledged war in the region.  Such being the case, let the people all around the world wake to the challenge and unite around a platform of peace and unite against imperialist intrigue.  The working people across the world have nothing to gain from all this.  It is only the thirst and drive of the US for world domination that is behind this tragedy.  The US is seeking to contain Russia and eliminate it as an obstruction to this world domination ambition, and is also seeking revenge for the Russian support to Syria and Iran.  Let not the disinformation campaign of the imperialists disorient the people of the world.  Let us all unite today against and protest against our Government cozying up with imperialism, because the day the guns will be turned against us will are not far.


A. Narayan, Bangalore


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