Worldwide Protests mark the 30th anniversary of Operation Blue Star

Several events were organised around the world to mark the 30th anniversary of the attack by the central armed forces of the Indian State on the Harmander Sahib, the holy Sikh shrine within the Golden Temple at Amritsar. The meeting organised by Lok Raj Sangathan in Delhi (about which a separate report is being published – Ed.) was part of a worldwide campaign to establish the truth about what happened 30 years ago, under the name of Operation Blue Star.

The entire people of Amritsar responded to a call for an “Amritsar Bandh” on 6th June. A spokesperson of the Dal Khalsa said that the call for Amritsar Bandh was given to protest against the killings of hundreds of innocent pilgrims, the loot of invaluable holy books, manuscripts and artifacts from the Sikh Reference Library and to recall and relive the pain and agony of the heinous attack of 30 years ago. The aim was also to pay tribute to all the martyrs, including all those killed in the dastardly inhuman action of the Central Government in June 1984.

Elaborating further, he said that the blood of innocents, spilled on the sacred floor of Darbar Sahib, cries for justice. No perpetrator has been held accountable for slaughtering hundreds of innocent pilgrims; no attempt has been made to address all territorial, economic, social, language and cultural issues and concerns for which the Sikh struggle was waged.

Hundreds of activists of Sikh Youth of Punjab (SYP) took out a “Ghallughra” (holocaust) memorial march on the previous evening (5 June) in Amritsar city. The protests were peaceful on both days, in accordance with the call given by the organisers. Still the police came down heavily on the protesting people. It rounded up activists and supporters of Dal Khalsa and Sikh Youth of Punjab and held them in confinement till late evening.

This condemnable move by the police was aimed at preventing political activists from succeeding in implementing their program to shut-down Amritsar. In spite of such moves, the city observed a near complete shut-down, as a result of an unequivocal positive response among the people to the call.

On 8th June, 2014, more than 10,000 people marched from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square in London to demand justice for the victims of genocide organised by the Indian state against the people of Sikh faith 30 years ago. The protest march was led by young people carrying black flags, signifying their mourning for thousands of innocent people killed during the attack on the Golden temple. They were also mourning for those who were killed in the communal genocide in November 1984. Behind the youthful mourners were two trucks, one carrying a huge coffin and the other displaying dead bodies and images of people languishing in jails.

Indian Workers’ Association and Ghadar International distributed a pamphlet at this march, carrying a short message and reproduction from Mazdoor Ekta Lehar of the lead article on the 30th anniversary of the attack on the Golden Temple, titled We must never forget or forgive this gravest crime against our people! Other leaflets were also distributed, calling for unity in struggle for the demands of all national minorities and the right to conscience of people of all religions and ideological beliefs.

In New York City, hundreds of Sikhs got together in a “Sovereignty March” outside the United Nations Headquarters on the 30th anniversary of the invasion of the Golden Temple. They demanded that the United Nations must conduct a probe into the Indian Army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib, and other Sikh shrines in India in 1984.


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