22nd anniversary of demolition of Babri Masjid


Unite to establish a new state that ensures prosperity and protection for all!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 28th November, 2014

The 6th of December, 2014, will be the 22nd anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid. On this day, people belonging to different political parties and organizations committed to fighting for human rights and peoples empowerment, will hold powerful protest rallies in New Delhi and other cities of the country. We will renew our resolve to punish those who organized the demolition of this historical monument. We will declare our determination to put an end to state terrorism including state sponsored genocides once and for all, by establishing a new state that will ensure prosperity and protection for all.

The entire operation to demolish Babri Masjid was a carefully planned act of the Indian ruling class, carried out by its state. All the organs of the state — the executive, the legislature and judiciary were fully involved in it. Various political parties and other organizations were entrusted with the task of inflaming passions amongst the people, dividing them on religious lines, to set the ground for the demolition. The ruling class and its state deliberately spread the monstrous lie that "people wanted to demolish the historical mosque". In fact, the people of our country, irrespective of their religious beliefs, were horrified at this terrible crime and totally opposed to it.

The demolition of Babri Masjid revealed that the present Indian state and all its institutions are instruments of state terrorism. Far from fulfilling the duty of ensuring security and prosperity for the people, this state is an instrument of the biggest monopolies to enrich themselves through the savage exploitation of the land, labour and natural resources of our people. State terrorism, the targeting of this or that community for genocidal massacres, is a preferred weapon in its arsenal to smash the unity of the people.

It was the colonialists who began inflaming passions over Babri Masjid, beginning in 1859. The present Indian state has continued on this course. In 1949, an idol of Lord Ram was installed inside the mosque in the middle of the night and rumours were spread that it had happened because of divine intervention. The gates of the mosque were locked. In the period after the genocide of Sikhs in 1984, the ruling class organized a well-orchestrated campaign to inflame passions and divide people, making the demolition of Babri Masjid the focal point of the campaign. Since then, systematic propaganda has been carried out to paint people of the Muslim faith as "terrorists" and "anti-national”, and to portray those of the Hindu faith as "communalists".  Our people, whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or of any other faith, are not communal. They are not terrorists. It is the state which is communal and terrorist.

The existing State is a continuation and further evolution of the colonial state.  It is an instrument of divide and rule, an organ of oppression and terror, of rule by an exploiting minority class through the ballot and the bullet, and through the organising of diversions and periodic massacres of this or that section of the people.

In order to hide this truth about the existing state, the ideologues of the ruling class keep spewing various lies about the source of the problem. One big lie they repeatedly spread is that the people are communal. They portray the present state and its constitution as instruments to defend the people. Sermons are given to people about "communal harmony", aimed at spreading the lie that our people will slaughter each other on the basis of religion, if the state was not there to "maintain communal harmony".

This state has been communal and terrorist ever since it was established by the colonialists in 1858, after crushing the Great Ghadar of 1857. In that historic uprising, our people rose as one, irrespective of their religious beliefs, to overthrow the hated colonial rule. The colonialists crushed this revolt, massacring millions of our patriots, with the help of traitors. When they established their state in 1858, they openly declared that their rule would not be safe unless they ensured that the people of our country were kept divided on religious lines. They went about systematically implementing their plans, with the help of traitors in the different communities.

The colonialists spread the theory of "white man's burden", according to which we Indian people are barbaric and backward, who would slaughter each other unless the colonialists ruled over us. They trained an entire stratum of intellectuals, who believed in and spread this notion, and used it justify colonial rule. The end of colonial rule has not changed this situation. An entire stratum of people exists in our country which spreads the line that our people are communal and backward, and that the present Indian state is necessary to ensure that we do not slaughter each other.

Another big lie that is propagated by the ideologues of the ruling class is that only some parties and organizations are communal, and that the aim of the struggle must be to replace such parties with others in power. In this way, they try to divert the struggle of the people into a struggle to replace one party of the ruling class with another party.

These ideologues of the ruling class hide that the state and all its organs are the instrument of the ruling class to exercise its dictatorship over the masses of people. The British colonial state was an instrument of the colonialists to maintain its rule, and the present state is an instrument of the biggest monopolies of our country to rule over our people. Political parties which come to power in this system are but managers of the ruling class.  They have to do the bidding of the ruling class. The demolition of Babri Masjid was planned and executed by the ruling class and its state. Various parties of the ruling class were assigned their roles in carrying out this demolition. As long as the present state continues to exist, people will continue to be the target of state terrorism including state organized genocides. Replacing one party in power with another through elections will change nothing. This is the experience of our people. The demolition of Babri Masjid in December 1992 has been followed by repeated onslaughts on this or that section of our people, over the past 22 years.

The demolition of Babri Masjid marked a turning point in the political life of the country. It squarely posed before our people the necessity for creating a new state that will actually ensure prosperity and protection for all.  It exposed the criminality of this political process which brings parties to power and lets them commit any crime they please, while claiming they have the people’s mandate.  It posed the need for a new system in which the role of a political party would be to keep the people in power.  It posed the absolute necessity for reconstituting the Indian Republic on new foundations, with a new fundamental law that would ensure that people are the decision makers. Since then, over the past 22 years, the movement for people’s empowerment has grown in strength.  More and more political activists are recognizing the necessity for the reconstitution of the Indian Republic so as to empower the people.

Indian political theory upholds that it is the duty of the raja to ensure prosperity and protection for the praja.  Without protection, or raksha, prosperity is not possible.  If a raja fails in this duty, if he oppresses the praja instead of providing raksha, it was considered to be the right and duty of the praja to get rid of such a raja. 

We therefore have the right and the duty to get rid of this State. We need to make a clean break with the colonial and imperialist institutions and theories implanted by the British and spread by those trained by them. 

On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid by the Indian Republic, let us pledge to establish a modern democratic state on new foundations, committed to ensure prosperity and protection for all!


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