Agreement reached between Maruti-Suzuki workers and management

After 14 long days of struggle, the management had to come to an agreement on 20 October 2011 with the Maruti-Suzuki Employees Union and with Suzuki Powertrain Employees Union and Suzuki Motorcycles Employees Union, who had also come on the streets in support. The agreement was mediated by the Haryana government.

In the 14 days of strike, the work at Maruti-Suzuki and in 200 other plants, which are dependent on the production in Maruti-Suzuki came to a complete halt. In the area, thousands of other workers also came out in struggle in support of the Maruti-Suzuki workers. The capitalists, on the other hand, pressurized the Central and State governments to intervene on their behalf.

The main points of the agreement are as follows:

  • Of the 94 workers of Maruti-Suzuki who were suspended, 64 have been taken back. The other 30 workers (most of who were leading the struggle) will face disciplinary actions. These workers will have to go through the investigation process.
  • The bus service for taking workers to the Plant and back will be resumed.
  • Maruti-Suzuki Employees Union will be the only representative union at the Manesar plant.
  • There will be a Grievance Committee and a Workers' Welfare Committee established to bring harmony between the workers and the management. There will be equal number of members from the management and workers in these committees. This bi-partisan committee will be led by an official of the Labour department.

Apart from this, according to the agreement between the management with the Suzuki Powertrain Employees Union, 15 out of 18 workers will be reinstated, while disciplinary action will be carried out against the remaining 3 workers.

The disciplinary actions against Suzuki Motorcycle workers has been withdrawn. All 15 workers are being taken back at work.

The above agreement has been reached after a long struggle. The workers of Maruti-Suzuki and other workers of this area have shown that they will vigorously fight for their rights and have challenged the management, the State and the Central governments.

The struggle was supported by the workers throughout the country. It is clear that the Maruti-Suzuki management and the State government will try their utmost to break the unity of the workers and suppress them. The record of the Maruti-Suzuki management shows the aptness of the saying that "dog's tail cannot be straightened."

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar salutes the struggle carried out by the workers of Maruti-Suzuki along with those of Suzuki Powertrain and Suzuki Motorcycles.


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