Militant action at Churchgate Station, on the occasion of International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Womens Day, on March 8th,2013, activists of Kamgar Ekta Committee and Western Railway Motormens Association jointly distributed thousands of leaflets which had been brought out for the occasion. The leaflet was issued jointly by ten workers’ unions under the banner of Kamgar Ekta Committee. The workers shouted slogans while militantly distributing hundreds of leaflets to office goers rushing to catch trains back home.

The leaflet brought out the need for women to get organized, with men, in defence of their own security and for justice and human dignity. It pointed out that women cannot depend upon any arm of the State – the police, bureaucracy or the courts nor on the political parties of the establishment and their leaders, when they themselves are guilty of crimes against women. The army and other para military forces violate the rights and dignity of women with impunity as they are protected by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, etc.

The leaflet called on all working women to get organized in their unions and other associations at their workplaces. This call provoked a very positive response in many of the commuters who were enthused to carry on discussions with the activists.


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Parties of the capitalist class claim that there is no
alternative to the program of globalisation,liberalisation
and privatisation. The truth is thatthere IS an alternative.

The alternative is to reorient the economy to fulfil people’s
needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed. This is the
program for the Navnirman of India.

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This document, What Kind of Party?, was presented by
Comrade Lal Singh on behalf of the Central Committee
of the Communist Ghadar Party of India to the Second
National Consultative Conference held December 29-30, 1993.

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Click to Download PDFThe first part of this pamphlet is an analysis of facts and phenomena to identify and expose the real aims behind the Note Ban. The second part is devoted to a critical appraisal of the government’s claims that it will reduce inequality, corruption and terrorism. The third part is what Communist Ghadar Party believes is the real solution to these problems and the immediate program of action towards that solution.

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These Elections are a FarceInterview with Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of Communist Ghadar Party of India by Comrade Chandra Bhan, Editor of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar

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Manifesto 2014Unite around the program to reconstitute the Indian Republic and reorient the economy to ensure prosperity and protection for all!

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Click to Download PDFInterview with Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of Communist Ghadar Party of India

by Comrade Chandra Bhan, Editor of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar

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