Convention of Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha

Call for the youth to get organised for social change

The main slogan of the convention of Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha that was held on 7th April 2013 in New Delhi was – ‘Get organised, become the rulers and change the society!’ The slogan was adopted at the time of its founding and remains relevant even today. The meeting hall was decorated with bright red banners with slogans that energized the youth for advancing the struggle. The banners stated – ‘To make the dreams of our revolutionary martyrs a reality, the youth must advance the politics of the working class!’, ‘Master the principles of communism!’, ‘No compromise with privatisation!’, ‘Down with capitalism, long live socialism!’ etc. Along with the members and activists of the organisation, women, intellectuals, reporters, etc. from different parts of Delhi took part in the convention.

The meeting hall was overfull with hundreds of youth who had come to participate in the convention. More than half the audience comprised of girls and women. Participation by women in such a large number was a testimony that the organisation has created such an atmosphere which encourages girls and women to actively take part in political-organisational work without any hindrance or fear.

Several people like Dr. S Chhiber of Naya Daur Party, Shri Indu Prakash Singh and Iswar Bhai of Shahari Adhikar Manch, etc. participated in this convention.

The convention was organised under the leadership of Communist Ghadar Party of India. Among others, the convention was presided over by the former Prime Minister Birju Nayak of HNES, the former Chief Minister of Delhi HNES, Santosh Kumar and a senior woman comrade of the Communist Ghadar Party of India.

The convention began with a revolutionary song by a group of young women. The lyrics of the chorus were, “Come, arise my countrymen. Let us all unite my comrades.” This militant song filled the hundreds of youth there with revolutionary enthusiasm. Com. Santosh welcomed all participants and called upon Com. Dharmendar to present the report of political and organisational work of the organisation. Dharmendar presented a report of the work done by the previous committee, which clearly showed that the all sections of the youth are coming out to take part in the struggles. Among them are youth of the working class, students, teachers, pilots, loco drivers and other youth who have raised their voices against the exploitation and oppression of this capitalist system.

He further said that “we took up the slogan ‘an attack on one is an attack on all!’ as the basic slogan and we have played our role in raising the consciousness among the youth and to give direction to their struggles. We have unitedly worked with several organisations like Lok Raj Sangathan, Purogami Mahila Sangathan, Sikh Forum, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Manipur Students Association (Delhi), etc. We have fought against state terrorism, against the barbaric Armed Forces Specials Powers Act., against violence on women, in defence of the right of the workers to form their union, against the imperialist wars and fully participated in the struggles to defend the rights of the people.

“We have continuously striven to strengthen our organisation. We conducted study sessions and discussions to raise the consciousness of youth. To expose the nature of capitalist system, we have used different mediums to reach out and work amongst the youth.

“We have promoted the spread of awareness of a clean cultural among the youth, which has been the tradition in our multi-lingual and multi-cultural country. This tradition is under attack from the capitalist-imperialist media. For this we have organised drama workshops and cultural programs amongst the youth.”

After the report, the comrade of the Communist Ghadar Party of India was invited to address the convention. On behalf of the party, the speaker congratulated the holding of the convention. She said that the young comrades of the CGPI had founded HNES in 2001. Party has given importance to the role of the youth in transforming the society right from the beginning. She expressed pleasure at the good work done by HNES. She said that youth constitute 60% of the population in our country. These youth are being made the victims of limitless exploitation. Education is getting out of reach for them. Youth are being made the target of state terrorism. Thousands of innocent youth are made to rot in jails and when they are finally released after many years, their life is totally ruined. The youth of Manipur and other states of the Northeast are getting killed merely on suspicion under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. The Congress party, the BJP and other parliamentary parties use the youth for their own interest. Whenever the youth fights for their rights, whether on the issue of safety for the women or for education or employment, they are attacked barbarically.

In the end she said that youth have to fight alongside the workers, peasants and women to together uproot capitalism. They have to take the reins of power in their own hands and bring about a revolution to build a socialist society. They have to build such a society where the responsibility to ensure the happiness and security for all will rest with the state.

After the speech of CGPI, participants were called on to discuss the report of the organisation. Many young participants were eager to give their view on the report. Young women were in the forefront to give their views in this session.

Many youth expressed their views with passion. All the youth were united in their resolve to transform the existing capitalist system at the earliest into socialism, which will eliminate exploitation of all type. They are committed to strengthen the organisation and intensify the struggle.

Many young men and women recited poetry and sung songs. They talked about the problems that youth face. They questioned the government’s sarva siksha abhiyan since lakhs of children continue to be deprived of education. They asked why they did not get a good education? Why everyone doesn’t have means of livelihood? They said that the slogan they had adopted – “Get organised, become the rulers and change the society!” held the key for solution to these problems. Only by taking this path will it be possible to ensure the well-being of all our people.

The convention was addressed by Dr. Chhiber and Indu Prakash Singh, who called upon the youth to struggle unitedly and fearlessly to fulfill their role of determining the destiny of our country.

Addressing the meeting, Birju Nayak explained in details the situation prevailing in the world today and inspired the youth to face the challenges ahead. He said that in the coming elections, youth will have an important role and challenge the parties that work in the interest of the capitalists.

The convention elected a new committee to lead the work for the next years. The committee unanimously elected Lokesh Kumar as the Prime Minister.

In the concluding speech, Santosh Kumar said that he was happy that we are marking the 12th year since the founding of the organisation, when we have increased our work among all different sections of the people. At the time of the founding, I was very young and the enthusiasm with which we founded the organisation, we expanded the work with the same enthusiasm. Today the revolutionary storms are knocking at our doors and this storm will uproot the capitalist system in our country to pave the way for building the socialist system. The youth have to be ready for this.

At the end of the meeting the whole hall resounded with inspiring slogans like, ‘Inquilaab zindabaad!’, ‘Get organised, become the rulers and change the society!’, ‘We are her masters, we are Hindostan, the workers, peasants, women and youth!’.

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar sends its greeting on the successful holding of the convention by Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha.


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