Working class candidates in the Delhi Assembly election

A breath of fresh air

The run up to the elections for the Delhi Assembly to be held on December 4, 2013, has seen a breath of fresh air injected by the campaign of five working class candidates who have been proposed by Lok Raj Sangathan. These candidates are standing on a common platform of radical political reforms and are supported by Communist Ghadar Party of India, Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist), Mazdoor Ekta Committee, All India Workers Council, Purogami Mahila Sangathan, Delhi Shramik Sangathan, Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha, Committee for Peace and Democracy (Manipur) and other organisations.

Covering the length and breadth of the vast assembly constituencies of Badarpur, Okhla, Kalkaji, Tughlakhabad, and Sangam Vihar, campaign teams consisting of dedicated women and men workers, are conveying the message that to pay anyone a wage less than Rs. 15000 (US$250) per month is corruption, and the only solution to corruption and all other problems is lok raj – that is, to vest supreme power in the hands of the people.

The campaign teams have been holding street corner meetings, taking part in padayatras, and going door to door, discussing with the people the source of their varying problems and their solution. At the different entry points to the Okhla industrial area, at the metro stations, the schools and universities, and the slums, resettlement colonies and market places, the working class candidates and their teams are taking the main message of the campaign for lok raj among lakhs of people.

The worker candidates and activists of this campaign have been explaining to the electorate that there is a fundamental problem in the economic and political system. The economy is oriented to enable the biggest monopolies, Indian and foreign, to plunder the land, labour and resources of our people. The political system works to ensure that this economic orientation is defended, by bringing to power only those parties who are sworn to defend this exploitative and oppressive rule. The entire state machinery — the police and armed forces, the bureaucracy, as well as the institutions like the Election Commission work to defend this rule. The foundation of this state, the Constitution is itself communal. It deprives people of their rights. There is need for a complete overhaul of this system, from its very roots. We need to replace the present political system and process with one wherein the people are decision makers. We need Lok Raj, so that people can set the orientation of the economy to provide for all, as opposed to the present orientation of maximum profits for the owners of the means of production. We need to work for a new constitution, a new fundamental law which will guarantee the rights of people.

Midway through the campaign, it is clear that the biggest dividing line is between those political parties and organizations who work to depoliticize the people, as against those spearheading this campaign for lok raj, who consider it their duty to politicize the people.

Depoliticisation is being carried out in numerous ways by political parties such as Congress and BJP. People are being fed with false promises of transforming this earth into heaven merely by their vote for this or that party. There is no discussion of why the problems are there in the first place, and therefore what people must do to solve these problems. Instead, they blame each other for the problems. The entire level of political discourse is at such a low level as to make the people disgusted with politics and those political parties which have contributed to this.

As opposed to this, the election campaign of the five candidates supported by Communist Ghadar Party, SUCI(C), Lok Raj Sangathan and other allied organizations has evoked great interest amongst the electorate. The hardworking people of this city are realizing that there is no magic wand that will wipe away their problems, such as by replacing one party in power with another. The aim of the struggle is to establish the rule of the workers and peasants, in place of the present rule of the capitalist class, headed by the big monopoly houses.

A striking feature of this campaign is the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of all those who are participating in it. From early morning to late in the evening, these comrades, young and old, women and men, are enthusiastically trudging through the different by lanes of the colonies, discussing with people why it is necessary to become organized to fight for a change in the economic and political system. These are working class comrades who have taken time off their jobs, at their own cost, to commit their time and resources to the campaign. Comrades from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra have joined this campaign, contributing to the high spirit that has marked it from the first day.

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar salutes the enthusiasm and spirit of the comrades working for the campaign to overhaul the political system so as to empower the people.


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