14th Anniversary of the Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha

Proletarian revolution is the only path leading towards a bright future for the youth!

A very lively program was organised in Delhi on 14th June 2015 on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the founding of the Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha (HNES). Members and supporters from all over Delhi and around participated in the meeting. Members of the Communist Ghadar Party of India (CGPI) were also present at the event.

The hall in which the event was organised had been festooned with colourful banners by the youth. They proclaimed: “Organise, become the rulers and change society!”, “Down with imperialism!”, “Down with state terrorism” etc.

The HNES was established in June 2001. Under the farsighted leadership of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, youth from all over the country who were active in the struggles against different forms of exploitation and oppression in educational institutions, farms, factories and offices, got together with the vision of changing the oppressive situation prevailing. Unperturbed by the heavy monsoon rains that lashed Mumbai on that day, youth from all over the country had participated in the founding event.

After working closely with and having discussions with comrades of the CGPI party, the youth drew the conclusion that the root cause of all their problems was the present capitalist and imperialist system, that the ruling class and all its political parties are a part of. The ruling class tries to win over the youth with all kinds of false promises, so that our youth may serve in increasing the profits of capitalists, Indian and foreign; that is, become victims of exploitation. Ending capitalist exploitation through proletarian revolution and seizing control of the state power in the hands of the toiling people is the only way in which the youth can ensure that the doors to a brighter future would be opened for them. Thus we, the youth, have to get organised and seize control of the state by ourselves and change society. From the time of its’ founding till today, this has been the principle of the HNES. “Organise, become rulers and change society!” – This is the clear and bold call with which the HNES was established.

At the beginning of the meeting, two young women comrades made a PowerPoint presentation on behalf of the organisation. The experiences, programs and struggles of the organisation in fourteen years were very beautifully depicted in this presentation.

Several study sessions, workshops and meetings had been organised over the years to cater to the enthusiasm and yearning of the youth for knowledge; and the pictures from these events refreshed the memories of the many comrades present. The participation of the comrades of the HNES in the struggle against privatisation of Modern Foods, in many struggles of the workers, peasants, women and youth against attacks on them, holding aloft placards and red banners and enthusiastically shouting slogans; their participation in struggles of the peoples of the Northeast against state terror and the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA); in struggles against communal violence and to demand that those guilty of genocide and communal violence be punished; in protests against attacks on women and in demonstrations on the occasion of International Working Women’s Day; in demonstrations on May Day for upholding the rights of workers and in many other struggles was brought out powerfully by the presentation. Pictures of marches and workshops organised across many parts of the country to organise the youth were shown. The resolute manner in which comrades participated in exposing the hollow promises of the political parties of the rich in Lok Sabha (parliament) and Vidhan Sabha (assembly) elections; in asserting the right of the people rather than the bigwigs of political parties to select candidates for election as well as to emphasise that elected representatives should be accountable to the people and that people should be able to exercise the right to recall candidates, was brought out in the presentation. Many youth have joined the organisation in the last fourteen years and everyone who saw the presentation was very enthused to take the work forward.

After the presentation, the woman comrade who was chairing the session invited the music group on stage to render revolutionary songs. The songs that the group presented – “Dekho rang badal raha hai aasaman ka” (Behold! The colour of the sky is changing!), “Aao, uttho, mere deshwasiyon.” (Arise, my countrymen!) created a very enthusiastic atmosphere in the hall. After this, the comrade invited the presidium onto the stage. Among these were the Prime Minister of the HNES, Comrade Lokesh Kumar and Comrade Birju Nayak of the Communist Ghadar Party of India.

Addressing the meeting, Comrade Lokesh Kumar severely criticised the present system in which the various political parties of the ruling class hail the youth as “the future of the country”, but in reality are hand-in-glove with the capitalists who severely exploit the youth in order to ensure their own profits. The motto of the existing system is to make sure that the capitalists keep making the highest profits by the severe exploitation of the labour of the toilers and the loot of the land, resources and wealth of the people. This is the cause of the dark and uncertain future that the youth face today. The workers and toiling people of the country are deprived even today of basic necessities – education, health services, clean water, appropriate accommodation etc; they are deprived of livelihood and human rights while many capitalists of India are reckoned to be among the richest people in the world now. The youth have to take initiative to change this situation. We cannot harbour the illusion that the same system sometime will somehow bring about a bright future for generations of youth to come. We shall have to end the capitalist system, establish the rule of the workers and toilers so that the vast majority of us, the toilers, can progress. Come, let us become brave youth like Bhagat Singh and unite to overthrow the forces that oppress and exploit us! – This was the inspiring note on which Comrade Lokesh Kumar ended his speech.

Congratulating the HNES on behalf of the Communist Ghadar Party of India on the brave struggles waged in the last fourteen years, Comrade Birju Nayak appreciated all the youth comrade, who have taken time out from their studies, work and other social responsibilities to participate in the work of the HNES. The CGPI has always emphasised the need to organise the youth around the program for proletarian revolution. Our ruling class and all its parties are guilty of selling all kinds of false dreams to the youth, and they continually propagate falsehoods through the media that they control, so that the youth continue to slave away for the capitalists and remain caught in the illusion that if the government of this or that party is formed or if one or the other policy is changed, they will benefit. But the system does not change if a government or a policy is changed. The youth have to organise and struggle with the perspective of becoming the rulers themselves and to establish and run the new system in the interest of the workers and toiling people. Appreciating the bold efforts of the HNES to take the youth on this path, he called on the comrades to step up the pace of their work.

Many youth – boys and girls – addressed the meeting. A member of the HNES, Ms Gulafsa said, “From the time I have joined this organisation, I have learnt quite a lot about society. I want to be associated with this organisation for ever.”

Another member, Ms Payal, raised many questions in order to know in detail about the exploitation that is carried out it today’s society and presented a poem she had composed on the work of the organisation. Many other members related their experiences and reiterated the need to carry the work of the organisation forward.

The meeting was ended with the call of drawing inspiration from the brave martyrs “Raste pe tumhare chalk e hum, aazad ab desh karayenge!” (We will advance on your path and liberate the country!)


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