Condemn the police terror unleashed on Maruti Suzuki workers!

Unite in defence of the right of workers to form unions and resist super-exploitation!

Following the outbreak of violence in and around Maruti Suzuki's Manesar plant on 18 July, 2012, the state police machinery has been ordered to unleash widespread terror among the workers in the Gurgaon-Manesar belt. Over a hundred workers of Maruti Suzuki have been arrested and locked up in jail. Hundreds of workers have fled their homes, leaving their belongings, to avoid arrest. Massive force has been deployed in the Gurgaon plant of Suzuki as well as at Suzuki Power Train.

The tragic death of a Human Resources manager at Maruti, in the mysterious fire that broke out on 18 July, is being used to spread the notion that it is the result of a deep-rooted conspiracy organised by some “extremists”. The Haryana Industries Minister has declared that "Maoists" have infiltrated the workers’ ranks and instigated these incidents.  Through such propaganda, the stage is being set to justify police repression and broad-scale attacks on political rights of workers, including communists and other organisers of the working class.

Even before any investigation is carried out, the representatives of the capitalists and of the state and central governments have started blaming workers and their unions as being the cause of the trouble.  A careful examination of the facts, however, shows that the truth is exactly the opposite.  It is the capitalists and their governments that are to blame for the problems in the Gurgaon-Manesar industrial belt.

The Board of Directors of Maruti Suzuki are responsible for preventing the workers, by hook or crook, from forming the union of their choice and electing their own leaders. They are responsible for singling out individual employees and persecuting them for the “crime” of demanding the rights of workers.  They are responsible for preventing anyone outside of Maruti employees to be part of the union, which is in violation of the laws of the land.  They are responsible for repeatedly betraying the promises made after each major strike struggle.

Since June 2012, negotiations have been going on for a new wage settlement, which would be valid for the next three years. In the midst of a generally tense atmosphere at work, a supervisor verbally insulted a worker and physically attacked him on 17 July. When the worker retaliated in his own defense, he was suspended. This incident greatly angered the workers.

On 18 July, three rounds of negotiations took place.  The workers’ representatives demanded that either the suspension of the workman be withdrawn, or the supervisor also be suspended.  The owners of Maruti Suzuki did not accept either option.  Not only that, but they let loose their hired goondas to attack and provoke the workers who were waiting at the gate near the HR office. During the fight between the hired thugs and the workers, a fire broke out, either by design or due to an accidental short circuit. Trying to protect himself, the HR manager got trapped in the fire and lost his life.

The propaganda that "Maoists" have a hand in the violence is aimed at turning the truth on its head, and providing a justification to all-out attacks on communists and other organisers of the working class throughout the country.

The monopoly capitalists of our country, in their drive to become global giants, want the labour of Indian workers to be available for super-exploitation, by themselves and by the biggest foreign capitalists.  “Trade unions and strikes are bad for the investment climate!”  This is the mantra with which the Congress Party, BJP and other capitalist parties have been wooing the capitalist investors, creating conditions for unlimited degree of exploitation in special economic zones and new industrial belts. 

 The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the campaign of disinformation aimed at justifying fascist measures to deprive workers of their basic rights. 

The present situation calls for steadfast unity of communists and of all organisers of the working class, in defence of the basic rights of all workers.  Unprincipled divisions have in the past weakened the unity of the working class and its resistance to super-exploitation. 

An attack on one is an attack is all!”  This has to be the fighting slogan of all communists and leaders of the working class.  We must extend full support in defence of the Maruti workers and others who are being unjustly blamed and subjected to state terrorism.

We cannot and must not allow the capitalist class to get away with inhuman super-exploitation while treating workers as if they are criminals who should have no rights!


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