Condemn the state-organised sectarian genocide in Assam!

Lakhs of innocent men, women and children in Lower Assam have become victims of a horrendous sectarian genocide and forced to flee their villages, abandoning their homes, farms and cattle. Hundreds of villages have been razed to the ground. Countless people have been brutally murdered by armed marauding mobs. With great anger, the Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the Indian state for the sectarian genocide it has deliberately planned and unleashed in this region. Our Party extends its deepest sympathies to the families of the victims in these terrible moments.

Assam is a province inhabited by many peoples, and has a proud history of people fighting for national and social liberation. Its peoples were amongst the last to be colonized by the British colonialists. Nor have they accepted their enslavement and the plunder of their land and rich natural resources by the Indian big bourgeoisie after independence.

The Central State has pursued the policy of setting up armed terrorist gangs operating amongst different ethnic groups, to terrorise the people and divert the struggle of the people into the path of fratricidal genocide. It has pursued the policy of now allegedly favouring one ethnic group and now another, to prevent the peoples from uniting around a common vision.  Different ministers in both central and state governments have developed links with different underground groups.

The reactionary bourgeois media is making out that the problem in Assam is that there are numerous “warring peoples” and it is the “wise policy” of the Congress Party, in charge both in New Delhi and Guwahati, that has ensured “peace”. Nothing can be a bigger lie. This lie is similar to what the British colonialists continuously spread, that the Indian people are divided into warring religious groups and need some western educated men to mediate and rule over them. This lie is being spread to justify the continued denial of national rights to the peoples of Assam, and continued justification for Army rule in the Northeast.

It is not a coincidence that the Manmohan Singh government first deliberately allowed the situation to come to a boil, and after the genocide has been carried out for a certain number of days, has now deployed troops in the area with shoot at sight orders. 

Organising and sponsoring underground armed groups to carry out indiscriminate or sectarian violence, and then ordering the official armed forces to unleash terror in the name of restoring peace and order – this is the tried and tested method of rule of the Indian big bourgeoisie.  The Congress Party is the most experienced exponent of such divide and rule tactics, inherited from colonial times and further perfected since then.

Through deception and repression, the struggle of all the peoples of Assam and other Northeastern states is being undermined.  The movement for national and social liberation is being diverted, divided and drowned in blood.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon all political forces and people’s organisations concerned about the lives and wellbeing of the people  in Assam to unite and demand an immediate end to state terrorism including state organised sectarian massacres.


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