NAM summit in Tehran

Firm stance needed against warmongering and intervention by imperialist powers

As we go to the press, the 16th Summit meeting of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) has begun in Teheran, the capital of Iran on August 26, 2012. According to reports, leaders of 120 countries including India are participating in the summit. Officials of Russia, China and some other countries are present as observers in this summit.

The successful hosting of this Summit meeting in Teheran by the Iranian government is a big slap in the face of the Anglo-American imperialists and their allies, including Israel. Iran, which has shown itself to be an implacable foe of US imperialism, will assume the chairmanship of the NAM for the next three years, before handing it over to Venezuela, whose current government is another implacable foe of US imperialism.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that in the face of tremendous all sided military, economic and diplomatic encirclement of Iran, representatives of so many countries have decided to participate in the summit. The US and Israel have put pressure on many countries not to participate in the Summit. The Israeli PM, Mr Netanyahu is even reported to have personally called up and urged UN Secretary-General on August 9, 2012 to cancel plans to attend the NAM summit. The fact that so many countries are attending the Summit shows that world over, there is considerable support for Iran's anti-imperialist stance in defence of its sovereignty, and opposition to the US imperialist warmongering and policy of brutally interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign countries to carry out regime change.

The 16th NAM summit is being held at a time when the Anglo American imperialists and their Israeli allies have made full preparations for military intervention to carry out regime change in both Syria and Iran. They have provided military and logistical support to their agents within Syria and unleashed civil war in that country. Day in and day out, they are declaring that they will not rest content until the present Syrian government is overthrown and a government that is under their control and tutelage is established. In the most cynical manner, just like in the case of Libya, they have refused to accept the offices of various countries to carry out a negotiated settlement of the conflict within Syria. Syria has been targeted because the Syrian government has been a supporter of the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people and has been an opponent of US imperialist plans for complete domination of West Asia. It has also been reported that the Anglo – American imperialists and their allies are preparing for military invasion and occupation of Iran and carrying out of regime change in that country.

Ever since the Iranian revolution more than 35 years ago, Iran has on the one hand become a rallying point for anti-imperialist forces amongst the Muslim peoples in particular and international anti-imperialist forces in general. On the other hand, it has been the target of attack by the US imperialists and their allies, who have tried might and main to turn it into a neo colony once again. The US imperialists incited Saddam Hussein to launch a bloody war against Iran, in which lakhs of people were killed or wounded and great damage .was caused to the Iranian economy. At the present time, economic sanctions have been imposed on Iran and it has been militarily encircled, merely because it dares to have a different system of governance and because its government has steadfastly opposed the rapacious activities and brazen interference of the Anglo – American imperialists and its allies in Syria and elsewhere. Iran is being pressurised by them on multiple fronts so as to isolate it: by propagating falsehood and deceit about Iran in the monopoly media, launching malicious cyber-attacks against the computers operating in Iran’s nuclear facilities, passing anti-Iranian resolutions in the UN Security Council, relentlessly murdering the country’s nuclear scientists, imposing hard-hitting financial sanctions and beating the drum of war. Other countries, including India have been pressurised to sever or at least curtail even trade with Iran in a bid to isolate Iran and bring it to its knees. 

However Iran has persistently stayed its course in the face of myriad hardships and even taken pro – active steps to counter the attempts to isolate it and deny it a role in world affairs. In early August 2012, the government of Iran took the initiative of hosting a meeting of about 30 countries to oppose intervention in neighbouring Syria and to call for talks among the Syrian parties on the way ahead for their country.

The NAM summit is expected to focus on the grave danger to the sovereignty and independence of countries, and to peace in the region and the world, posed by the aggressive war mongering policy of the US imperialists and their allies.

 It’s clear that many countries are not happy with the situation created by the Anglo –American imperialists and their allies, one which is fraught with severe dangers not only for peace and sovereignty but for the very existence of countries and peoples who wish to follow their own paths to govern and develop themselves.

The upcoming NAM summit in Tehran is plainly not only an opportunity for Iran to further thwart the efforts of to isolate it, but also for such participating countries to take steps in coordination with each other to deal with the dangerous situation in the region and the world. Their leaders are expected to rise to the occasion and take a firm stance against the warmongering and blatant interventions by the imperialist powers.


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