Meeting on “Whither India?” held successfully in Tamil Nadu

“The traitorous big bourgeoisie, that is the big capitalists and big landlords who had grown rich by collaborating with the colonial rulers, compromised and collaborated in the communal Partition of 1947.  The big bourgeoisie did so for the narrow aim of acquiring power in its own hands.  It has used that power to grow enormously bigger.  It is today dragging the country towards fascism and imperialist war, in pursuit of its narrow aims.

“A new beginning, to open the road to deep-going social transformation, is the need of the hour.  Only a Ghadar led by the working class can fulfil the aspirations of our revolutionary martyrs, those of 1857 as well as others before and after that great revolt.  This is the answer to the question Whither India?”

These were the emphatic words that the spokesperson of the Communist Ghadar Party of India used to sum up the task in front of communists today at an important meeting on the theme “Whither India?” in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu.   The meeting was organised by Lok Awaz Publishers & Distributors on 2nd September.

Asking the question “Where is this multinational country of almost one and a quarter billion people headed?”, the speaker pointed out that “the program of globalisation through liberalisation and privatisation has revealed fully its ugliness.  At one pole, the biggest Indian capitalist companies have become world class monopolies, colluding and contending with foreign multinationals, to dominate markets both within the country and on the global scale.   At the other pole, the degree of exploitation of workers, uncertainty facing peasants and the extent and intensity of poverty have all been increasing in our country”.

The main presentation was followed by a good discussion. All the comrades present in the meeting emphasised the fact that without building the party of the working class, with its basic organisations militating among workers and other sections of people, we cannot bring a halt to the anti-social offensive of the ruling class and establish a just society.

The comrades present also reiterated that the party basic organisation we establish in the midst of organised sections of workers will give a big boost to the work of building committees for workers’ unity particularly among plantation and coir workers in the area.  Such committees are needed in every area, cutting across sectors as well as party and union rivalries. 

They agreed that such Committees for workers’ unity will provide the political forum for workers to exchange information and discuss among themselves, to broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding, so as to become wise and well-informed decision-makers.  Such committees can and should be developed as mechanisms for the political education and training of workers.  Workers need to be trained to decide for themselves about the course of their present struggle; and to decide the course of society in the future.

The comrades who attended the meeting felt that the meeting will definitely give a boost to the work of the party in the district.


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