US President Obama orders air strikes on Iraq:

Oppose the diabolical plan of US to destroy Iraq and Syria

On Friday, August 8, US Air force began dropping bombs on Iraq. US President Obama announced the decision to bomb Iraq, with the justification that this was to "protect US interests" and to "prevent genocide" in Iraq.

Obama declared — "When countless innocent people are facing a massacre -- and when we have the ability to help prevent it — the United States can't just look away." He further declared that "we'll help prevent these terrorists from having a permanent safe haven from which to attack America. And we'll continue to urge Iraqi communities to reconcile, come together and fight back against these terrorists." He declared that the US would continue to pressurize Iraqi parliamentarians to form a new government "because they are the ones who must solve their nation's problems — the United States can't do it for them".

Countless Palestinian people have been massacred by Israel. The US has supported this massacre. Are Palestinians not human beings? Why should anyone believe that the US imperialists are at all concerned about preventing massacres of innocents? Far from believing these lies, we must strive to understand the real aim of US imperialism in Iraq. 

The bombing of Iraq is a continuation of the diabolical strategy of the US imperialists and their allies to dismember and destroy Iraq and Syria as nations. It is implementation of a plan that was set in motion with the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 by the then Bush government. At that time, the pretext was that there were weapons of mass destruction and the danger of terrorism to the US. Now the pretext is the danger of terrorism to the US and the threat of genocide in Iraq.

In between, in 11 years of occupation of Iraq, the US has destroyed Iraq's sovereignty. The governments in Baghdad as well as the parliamentarians are completely under the control of the US. It is a parliament and government created according to a constitution scripted by the occupation forces. It is the US which has created and armed the puppet Iraqi Army, and continues to guide and mentor it. These parliamentarians and any government that they form cannot solve Iraq's problems. They do not have either the interest or the power to do so.

The US plan for Iraq and Syria is their dismemberment. The US occupation forces carried out what can only be termed genocide of the Iraqi people, during which lakhs of Iraqis have been killed, lakhs more have died through hunger and malnutrition, and the rich cultural heritage of Iraq has been destroyed.

 The US plan is to divide Iraq into three territories at permanent war with each other, but all under the thumb of the US. Maps produced by the US think tanks as early as 2005 show that the US already planned to create a Shia Iraq, a Sunni Caliphate including parts of Iraq and Syria, and a Kurdish region in the North. The Kurdish region has already been created, under US control and domination. The puppet regime in Baghdad is under the control of the US.

The ISIS, whom the US is now labeling as terrorists, is a US creation. It was armed and organized by the US allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. It was a part of the grand coalition of terrorist groups set into motion in Syria by the US and its allies under the name of the Free Syrian Army. This coalition spread anarchy and violence in Syria, and organized sectarian massacres. It even carried out chemical bombings, with weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia, and tried to pin the blame on the Syrian government. However, so far, the efforts of this US armed and financed terrorist coalition failed to overthrow the Syrian government. Now the ISIS has moved into Iraq to carve up Iraq. There are credible reports that the US ordered the 30,000 strong Iraqi army in Mosul to hand it over to 800 ISIS fighters and this was done.

The real opposition to the US in its plans to dismember Iraq, after destroying its sovereignty, is the patriotic people of Iraq. The Iraqi people have a proud and ancient history of defending themselves as a nation. They never capitulated to the US aggression. There is a powerful Iraqi national resistance movement, fighting to get rid of the foreign occupation, as well as the puppet regimes. It is a movement to restore sovereignty in the Iraqi people. The bombing of Iraq, as well as the incitement of sectarian wars, is aimed at smashing the Iraqi national resistance.

The people of Iraq never posed any threat to the US. It is US imperialism which has destroyed the sovereignty of Iraq and is now dismembering it. Iraq once again shows that the US "war against terrorism" is a smokescreen to hide its plan to conquer the whole world. The US has proved by its actions that it is not only the biggest terrorist state, but the biggest sponsors of terrorist groups as well.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the diabolical plans of US imperialism to dismember Iraq. The patriotic and freedom loving people of our country must learn appropriate lessons, and with one voice condemn the US for its crimes against the Iraqi people.


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