Call to unite against fascism

Meeting organized on the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany

An important public meeting was organized under the initiative of Lok Raj Sangathan on 10th May 2015, under the banner, “The lessons of history must not be forgotten”. The meeting was to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

“We will fight together to create a new India that defends human, national and other democratic rights and works for an international order of peace and friendship among all nations and peoples.” This was the spirit of the resolution unanimously passed at the conclusion of this significant political meeting and reflects the militant unity that brought close to 30 political organisations together to organize this meeting.

Leaders and activists of the organisations and youth from several colonies of the city participated actively in this meeting.

The President of Lok Raj Sangathan, Shri. Raghavan welcomed the gathering. He pointed out that even after the victory of the anti-fascist forces over Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan 70 years ago, fascism, militarism and imperialist war continue to threaten the people of this world. Likewise, in our country the state that came into being in 1947 in the thick of fratricidal bloodshed continues to organise genocide and violence against the people. The leaders of the political parties in government at various times have promised that it will not happen again, but our experience has been exactly the opposite. Therefore, looking at these events, LRS felt such a meeting as this was important to clarify our understanding of fascism and its roots.

He passionately called on all the organisations which are fighting the fascist offensive in different areas to come together to understand what is happening, to discuss what is to be done to put an end to this. “We want that future generations should be able to live in peace, should be able to be free from communal violence and genocide. It is our duty and theirs to ensure this by learning the lessons of history”, he said.

This was followed by a power-point presentation which clarified the truth behind the course of events that led to WWII, the valiant role played by the Russian army and the deceit of the Anglo-American imperialists. The presentation unraveled all the lies and brought forward the truth. It called upon all to resist falling for the lies of the imperialists today.

Representatives of Social Democratic Party of India, CPI-ML (New Proletarian), Communist Ghadar Party of India, Swaraj Abhiyan, Revolutionary Democracy, Naya Daur Party, Bighul Mazdoor Dasta, Popular Front of India, People’s Democratic Front of India, Citizens for Democracy, APCR, Manipur Students Association of Delhi, Purogami Mahila Sangathan, Hind Naujavan Sabha and Mazdoor Ekta Committee were among the many who presented their views on the issue.

All the speakers hailed this initiative of calling together so many organisations that are combating the fascist attack on people's rights, to organise collectively for a meeting on such an important issue. Speakers spoke on different aspects of WWII, the events leading to it, and the outcomes, and the lessons for today. The richest capitalists of Germany were closely linked to, and financed by, the richest American capitalists of that time. They backed the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party to power. Today too, the monopoly capitalists in each country are behind the imperialist drive of the big powers.

It was recognised that defeat of the fascist powers led to the universal condemnation of unjust imperialist wars and to the UN Declaration on Human Rights. It led to all member countries agreeing to the principle of national self-determination and the independence and sovereignty of all states, big and small. However, imperialism led by the US, which took on the mantle of fascism post WWII, is violating every principle in its drive to hegemonise the entire world. Speakers were unanimous in recognizing the necessity for a united struggle against the fascist offensive of imperialism and gave their commitment to carry this initiative forward.

Several youth came forward to speak. They declared that it is the working class today which can lead the struggle to defeat fascism by defeating imperialism. The meeting concluded on this militant note and the unanimous passing of the resolution.


 We, who have gathered here in New Delhi on the historic occasion of the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany hereby resolve that:

We will forge the unity of all progressive and democratic forces in the common struggle to defeat the fascist offensive of the Indian ruling establishment and of US imperialism and its allies internationally!

  • We will unitedly combat the lies being spread by the Anglo-American imperialists about the alleged threat posed by Russia in Ukraine and by “Islamists” all over the world!
  • We will actively oppose the Indian government’s collaboration with the US in defence and intelligence fields!
  • We will unitedly explain the truth to our people that the main danger to our people and country comes from US imperialism and the collaboration of our rulers with the US!
  • We will combat the lies that are daily spread by the Indian ruling circles about Pakistan and “cross-border terrorism” being the main dangers to our country!
  • We will defend the rights of all members of society and combat all acts of state terrorism, be it in the name of fighting terrorists, fundamentalists, insurgents or Naxalites, or in the name of defending national unity and territorial integrity of India!
  • We reject and actively oppose any kind of false justifications that are being propagated for India to participate in imperialist wars!
  • We will fight for the modern definition that rights belong to all people by virtue of being a member of society; and hence it is the duty of the State to ensure that people’s rights are protected and never violated.
  • We will fight together to create a new India that defends human, national and other democratic rights and works for an international order of peace and friendship among all nations and peoples.

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