Protests against recommendations of Seventh Pay commission: Nurses of Government hospitals demand justice

Thousands of nurses working in government hospitals participated in a 16 day long program of protest actions in front of parliament. The nurses are protesting against what they consider as the anti nurse recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. The protest action took place under the banner of the All India Government Nurses Federation (AIGNF).

The protest action consisted of a relay hunger strike and dharma  in which hundreds of nurses militantly participated in turns. The relay hunger strike and dharma began on 12 February and ended on February 27th. On February26th, tens of thousands  of nurses from government hospitals all over the country took mass casual leave. Thousands joined the powerful protest action in Jantar Mantar on that day.

Some of the demands of the AIGNF are:

  • The minimum entry pay grade of nurses should be Rs.5,400, with 3 pay bands
  • Nurses in DNS category must be in pay grade Rs.6,600 with 3 pay bands
  • Nursing allowance must be increased to Rs 7,800 per month
  • Increase in uniform and washing allowance, risk allowance, night duty allowance, and other special duty allowances
  • Eight days a month off for railway hospital nurses like nurses in other government hospitals.

(At present they get only 4 days a month off)

  • Nurses must get non practice allowance
  • Nurses must get full pay during child care leave
  • The post and nomenclature of all nurses working in government hospitals any where in country must be the same Group B category.
  • Public Health nurses must get field, conveyance and telephone allowances.

The Nurses have declared that if their just demands  are not conceded by the government, then the nurses all over the country would be forced to go on indefinite strike from March 15, 2016.

The Communist Ghadar Party extends its support to the nurses in their just struggle.  








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