Down with the visit of US imperialist chieftain Obama to India!

US President Barrack Obama is scheduled to visit India in the second week of November, 2010.

This visit comes at a time when the US imperialists are getting caught in the mire of the war they have unleashed in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s border provinces, as a result of the heroic resistance struggle of the peoples.

The first act of the Obama administration after coming to power was to unfurl a “new AfPak policy”. As part of this AfPak policy, the US imperialists beefed up their armed forces in Afghanistan, and have launched murderous attacks on the civilian population, killing and wounding tens of thousands of men, women and children, pursuing a scorched earth policy throughout the country. Numerous have been the reported cases of US and NATO forces killing people in cold blood as “target practice.” Unmanned drones regularly carry out bombing of villages, with the aim of spreading terror. However, the brave Afghan people, who have never ever been subjugated, and who had defeated the Soviet social imperialist occupiers in the eighties, have refused to give up their struggle. They have inflicted great damages on the mightiest military power on earth.

The Afghan people enjoy the support of the people of Pakistan, particularly the tribal peoples of the border regions, with whom they share history and culture and language. Obama’s AfPak policy has been to increase the area of military operations to include Pakistan, particularly its border regions. For the past two year, US forces have launched numerous drone attacks on villages in the border regions of Pakistan, killing and wounding thousands of people. This war against the people of Pakistan, being carried out in the name of “war against terrorism” is being waged against a sovereign country, without openly declaring war. It is a war that is being waged against a country which has had a strategic relationship with US imperialism for six decades on end. It is a war being waged against a state whose government collaborated with the US in the occupation of Afghanistan by providing it military bases for operations, as well as logistical support.

The AfPak policy of the US imperialists has shown to the people of Pakistan that US imperialism is the bitter enemy of their freedom and sovereignty and it has no regard for the peoples of Pakistan or any other country. There is mass opposition to US imperialism and to any collaboration of the Pakistani government with it. The Pakistani people are opposing the collaboration of their governments with US imperialism in the occupation and subjugation of Afghanistan, and in the bombings of the border regions of Pakistan. There is increasing division over this question within the Pakistani armed forces as well as in the establishment.

The present times are extremely favourable for India and Pakistan to jointly oppose US imperialism, which has been and remains the main enemy of all our peoples, and which has been and remains the fountainhead of terrorism in the region. However, US imperialism as well as various other imperialist powers are deadly opposed to such a possibility. Hence, they try every possible means to keep India and Pakistan at loggerheads with one another, even organising false flag terrorist strikes which cannot be traced to them, but point the finger at Pakistan. The recent visit of the US CIA chief to India and his discussions with the Indian government and its intelligence agencies on terrorism, is obviously aimed at lining up India behind the US in its so called “war against terrorism”, so that India becomes a partner in the US strategy for domination of the region, rather than forging close links with Pakistan and various states of West Asia in a common anti imperialist front.

Obama’s visit to India must be seen in the context of the increasing discredit of his AfPak policy in Pakistan and Afghanistan and mounting resistance struggles of the peoples, and the desire to embroil India even more in the strategic games of US imperialism in the region. The US imperialists want to embroil India in their plans to contain China, and towards this end, want to sell India sophisticated weapons provided it is willing to play the US game.

The Indian state’s developing strategic relationship with US imperialism poses a grave threat to the sovereignty of all the peoples and of peace. The working class and people of our country must vigorously condemn and oppose the visit of Obama as well the Indo US strategic relationship. The people of India are tied by close historical and cultural ties with the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. We must stand by them in their hour of crisis, and not with the imperialist aggressors. Similarly, it is not in the interest of our people to have conflicts with the people of China.

The Manmohan Singh Government deserves severe condemnation for dragging our country into the embrace of US imperialism. It is pursuing this course as part of the imperialist drive of the bourgeoisie, even though it will have disastrous consequences for our people. Our people have seen in front of their very eyes how the people of Pakistan are suffering the consequences of the strategic relationship built by successive leaders of the Pakistani state with US imperialism. The consequences for the Indian people will not be very different either. Therefore the times demand that we raise our voice against the visit of Obama and the Indo US strategic relationship.

Together, the peoples of this sub-continent must raise the demand of “US imperialism out of South Asia”. They must condemn and reject any kind of collaboration of their own state with this imperialist war mongerer. This is the first step towards building peace in the region.

Down with the US imperialist aggression against Afghanistan and Pakistan!

Down with the military and intelligence collaboration between India and US!

Down with the Indo US strategic relationship!

Let us build the anti imperialist unity of all the peoples of South Asia against US imperialism!


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