Vigorously condemn and oppose the imperialist warmongering against Iran!

An extremely serious and threatening situation is developing as a result of the warmongering by the US and Western imperialist powers and Israel against Iran. The warmongering and hysteria against Iran is being escalated almost on a daily basis.

On Feb 13, a terrorist attack was organised against an Israeli diplomat in Delhi. Immediately, Israel and other imperialist countries jumped up and down shouting that it was done by Iran. Indian police and investigative authorities have openly said that there is no evidence to back the accusations against Iran. The only forces that stand to gain by any strain in India-Iran relations over this terrorist attack in Delhi are Israel and the United States, especially since it followed just after the announcement that India and Iran had come to an agreement on how to pay for Indian imports of Iranian oil. This agreement was a significant challenge to US and other imperialist efforts to impose economic sanctions on Iran. Thus the needle of suspicion in carrying out this terrorist attack points to these forces and Israel, and must be seen as part of the escalating efforts to demonise Iran and isolate it diplomatically.

This is the latest in a chain of developments intended to systematically tighten the noose around Iran. These include the imposition of economic sanctions on Iran in December and February, the almost daily threats of war against Iran by US President Obama, British, French and other imperialist chieftains, the sending of US warships into the Persian Gulf, and the killing of the 4th Iranian scientist in the last 2 years by the Israeli agency Mossad. Western commentators are openly talking of April or May as the possible dates for an Israeli strike against Iranian targets. It is becoming clearer day by day that after Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the imperialists are threatening and preparing for a military showdown with Iran.

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar calls on the working class and people of India to openly come out against the warmongering against Iran by the gang led by US imperialism, and to rally in support of the fraternal people of Iran. We demand that the Indian government take a principled and consistent stand against these totally unjustified and unacceptable attempts to isolate and attack Iran.

Every attempt is being made by the imperialists and Israeli Zionists to make out that Iran is a fanatical country which is a threat to world peace and which must be whipped into submission. A more dastardly lie cannot be imagined. It is not Iran that has ever attacked its neighbours or any other country, but it is precisely Iran’s accusers – the US and other Western imperialists and their henchman, the Israeli state – who have repeatedly attacked and invaded countries all over the globe, rained bombs on innocent people, and destroyed whole countries.

Iran’s enemies say that Iran has no right to have its own nuclear program. Who are they to decide which country has the right to develop nuclear power and which country does not? No one has given them this right, yet they have arrogated to themselves the right to say that it is all right (and necessary) for themselves to have bombs. They have decided that it is all right for the aggressive Israeli state to have 200 nuclear warheads, but that it is impermissible for Iran to develop nuclear energy even for civilian purposes!  India, which has developed its own nuclear weapons program, cannot in any way be a party to this attempt to blatantly discriminate against another country which also seeks to exercise its sovereign right to develop nuclear energy.

Iran is also portrayed as being unreasonable and hostile to any talks. Again, this is an outright lie. To this day, Iran is offering to participate in discussions with other countries, including the US, about its nuclear program. It has allowed IAEA inspectors full liberty to inspect its facilities in accordance with international conventions. It had even agreed last year to the proposal put forward by Brazil, Turkey, Russia and other countries to limit its own uranium enrichment program in return for enriched nuclear fuel from other countries. It was the US imperialists who shot down this proposal, and insisted on continuing with their pressure and blandishments against Iran to unconditionally give up its nuclear program. No self-respecting people or country can put up with this kind of one-sided dictate. It cannot be expected that Iran, a proud country with a long and glorious past, will meekly kowtow to the Western imperialists in this manner.

We in India must be absolutely clear that the rising war cries against Iran do not stem from any real or projected threat from Iran, but are due solely to the fact that Iran represents a major obstacle in the plans of US imperialism to establish its complete hegemony in this oil-rich and strategic region of the world stretching from North Africa to Central and South Asia.

Ever since the Iranian revolution of 1979 that overthrew the US puppet Shah, the US imperialists have never reconciled to the loss of their domination over Iran. Moreover, the Iranian leadership has always taken a consistent stand against US imperialism and its activities, while maintaining friendly relations with a large number of other countries in the region. That Iran is one of the world’s major producers and exporters of oil is also a major factor in US hostility to, and sinister interest in, Iran.

Immediately after the Iranian revolution, the US imperialists and its allies like Saudi Arabia openly instigated and financed Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to launch a brutal war against Iran. This war lasted 8 years and caused immense damage, killing hundreds of thousands of people, but it failed to defeat Iran. Since then, the US has carried out relentless espionage and provocative activities against Iran, including the cold blooded shooting down by a US warship in the Persian Gulf of an Iranian civilian aircraft with nearly 300 people on board.

Now, with its humiliating losses in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US imperialists are increasingly worried about the presence and growing influence of anti-imperialist Iran in the region.  Their efforts to organise and incite oppositional forces within Iran and effect “regime change” there in recent times have met with dismal failure. They are now zeroing in on Iran’s nuclear program (which actually goes back to the days of the US-backed Shah regime) as the excuse to attack Iran. They are also putting immense pressure on the Syrian government, which has close ties with Iran.

What this shows is that the US imperialists have waged a relentless campaign against Iran right from the time of the Iranian revolution that overthrew US domination in that country. It shows that Iran’s only “crime” has been to stand up to US imperialist pressure and dictate. This is a “crime” for which the working class and people of India love and respect Iran!

As a big country in the region, India has a crucial role to play in lifting this imperialist siege and encirclement of Iran. Already, during a tripartite meeting in February between the governments of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pakistan’s President Zardari declared that Pakistan would never allow itself to be used to attack Iran. The UPA government in India has also decided not to accept the US-led sanctions against doing business with Iran, and is trying to find ways to continue purchasing oil from Iran. However, it cannot be forgotten that, in the interests of clinching the Indo-US nuclear deal a couple of years back, this same government reversed India’s traditional policy and voted against Iran for continuing with its nuclear program in the IAEA. This was a shot in the arm for US imperialism and its campaign to portray Iran and its nuclear program as a danger to the world. We Indian people must demand that the government here stop trying to hunt with the hounds and run with the hares – it must maintain a clear and principled stand against the campaign and pressure on Iran.

It goes without saying that any attack on Iran by US imperialism and its collaborators, any attempt to enforce a pro-imperialist regime there, would seriously threaten the sovereignty and independence of all countries in the region, including India. The Iranians have shown that they are not a people that can be easily cowed down or defeated. It is necessary to come out vigorously in their support at this critical juncture. The history and destinies of the people of India and the people of Iran are closely linked.


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