US imperialists training Iranian terrorists

One of the weapons perfected by the US imperialists to create trouble for countries and governments which oppose them is to organise and back subversive groups from within those countries. These groups are trained to carry out sabotage, assassination and other criminal activities aimed at destabilising those countries.

Recently, an authoritative investigation conducted by a leading journalist Seymour Hersh writing for The New Yorker, has revealed details of how the US administration has been training and supporting an Iranian terrorist group in a top secret location in the deserts of the state of Nevada since at least 2004-05. According to his report, this group, called the MEK, has been involved in all kinds of criminal activities directed against the government of Iran, including the assassinations of several Iranian scientists.

The investigation has unearthed how groups of MEK functionaries are flown by the American Joint Operations Special Command directly to this secret base. There they are trained in various skills necessary for them to carry on their activities in Iran, including communication and cryptography, and what is called “small unit tactics”, or basically, warfare. There is also no doubt, according to Hersh, that training is being given in various methods of torture and assassination. The kind of bomb that was used in the killing of the young Iranian scientist in January of this year, for instance, is one that can be conclusively identified with the US naval commando force, the SEALS.

Saboteurs trained by the US imperialists are then regularly infiltrated into Iran clandestinely through the Afghanistan border to carry out their activities within Iran. The Israeli state and its intelligence agencies are closely working with the US in supporting these criminal elements.

The irony is that the Iranian group MEK has been listed by the US authorities themselves as a “terrorist” group since 1997. Despite this, not only has it received US training, intelligence and material support, but according to the investigation, various political figures in the US from both the Republican and Democratic parties have been paid to speak up on their behalf.

This shows the utter hypocrisy of the US imperialist propaganda that it supports democracy and human rights in countries across West Asia and Africa and other parts of the world, and that it is “waging war against terror”. The report confirms what is becoming better known – that the US imperialists are themselves the biggest fountainhead of terror and terrorist activities in the world today. They have no qualms about working with murderers, criminals and their like, as long as their objectives are being fulfilled in any country. They are not just providing peaceful moral support to opposition groups in countries, but are actively engaged in arming and inciting open and underhanded violence. This is confirmed by the increasingly violent nature of the US-backed opposition campaigns in various countries in West Asia and North Africa.

Today, the US imperialists see Iran as one of the biggest obstacles to their plans to extend their domination in Asia and northern Africa. They are engaged in a no-holds-barred offensive against the government and people of Iran. This includes severe economic sanctions, war preparations, rabid propaganda painting Iran as “evil”, as well as intense political pressure in all international forums. What this report clearly confirms is that it also includes organising criminal subversion from within Iran using known terrorist groups.

Wherever the US presence is to be found, they systematically set up their networks of agents and supporters. These networks may lie low when not needed, but they are primed and ready to go into action whenever the interests of the US imperialists require it. The danger posed by US intrigue and interference, to the peace, sovereignty and security of all countries around the world, including in our own region, must never be underestimated.


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