Condemn the bombing of Syria by Israel!

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Beginning May 2, 2013, Israeli warplanes have bombed various locations in Syria repeatedly. Powerful blasts shook the capital Damascus, followed by massive fires. Damascus airport as well as other strategic locations in the capital was the direct target of these bombings.

This is not the first time that Israel has been attacking Syria. Israel has been illegally occupying the Golan Heights of Syria since the 1967 war, and has carried out continuous assaults across the line of control, including in February 2013. However, the latest attack on the capital Damascus reflects a great escalation in the war of Israel against Syria.

These attacks have the full backing of US imperialism. The US led NATO alliance see in Syria and Iran, the only remaining opposition to their domination of the oil rich West Asian and North African region. Syria is strategically located, bordering Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq as well as having a port in the Mediterranean Sea. Assad regime of Syria has close relationship with the Hezbollah of Lebanon, and Iran. The US led NATO alliance has openly organized and backed militarily and politically, a civil war in Syria, to bring to power a regime which would serve their geo-strategic interests in Asia.

The US imperialists are justifying the criminal onslaught by Israel on Syria by concocting two lies. One, that Syria is allegedly transferring chemical weapons to the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Two, that Iran is allegedly transferring weapons to Syria and the Hezbollah in Lebanon. US President Obama has declared repeatedly in recent months that he is “sure” that Syria is using chemical weapons against the rebel forces backed by US imperialism, and the moment this is “confirmed”, US will unleash NATO forces against Syria to carry out regime change.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria — to be followed by Iran and North Korea amongst others — it is part of one chain to advance US imperialist domination over the whole world. The conquest of Asia is considered as necessary for the conquest of the world. US imperialism has declared itself the policeman and judge of the world. It can stock, use and supply chemical weapons, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction with impunity. When any country opposes US dictate to defend its sovereignty, then it is declared a “rouge state” where regime change is justified.

The Communist Ghadar Party unequivocally condemns Israel and the Anglo-American imperialists for this latest attack on Syria and for the continuous interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.


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