Condemn the US supported bombing of Syria by Israel!

On 30th October 2013, Israeli warplanes bombed targets in the port city of Latakia in Syria. This is reported to be the fourth attack by Israeli warplanes on Syria in 2013, the other attacks having reportedly occurred in January, May and July this year.

The latest Israeli attack shows that Israel and US imperialism are desperate to inflame the situation in Syria and its neighbourhood. It may be recalled that after a massive build up of war hysteria, as well as preparations on the ground to launch war against Syria, the US and its allies were forced to back down temporarily, This followed vigorous opposition within the United Nations Security Council as well as the UN General Assembly from a majority of countries, as well as massive opposition to unjust war from the people of the US and its key ally Britain. The US was forced to accept Russia's proposal that Syria must be allowed to destroy its chemical weapons within a definite time period. Given that the entire justification advanced by Obama for invading Syria was that it had allegedly used chemical weapons against civilians, and given that the government of Syria, while rejecting that it had ever used chemical weapons, agreed to destroy its stockpile, the US had had to slow down the drums of war temporarily.

The Israeli bombing comes at a time when the UN inspectors entrusted with identifying and destroying the chemical weapons, and the Organisation for the Prohibiton of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have reported that Syria has cooperated in the indentification and destruction of its chemical stockpile. In other words, Syria for its part has been sticking to the deadline set by the UN Security Council as per the agreement.

The US imperialists and Israel are least interested in peace in the region. They are interested in carrying out regime change in Syria in order to advance their domination over the entire region. This is the reason they have been stoking civil war in Syria for nearly three years, this is the reason they armed the "rebels" with chemical weapons to use against civilians and then blame the Syrian government for the crime.

In typical Goebellsian fashion, Israel has "justified" its bombing of Syria saying this was to "protect its people" from possible aggression from Syria or the Hezbollah of Lebanon. Israel wants the world to believe the blatant lie that the government of Syria, which is facing siege from the US imperialists and its allies, is allegedly planning to attack Israel!

The latest bombing of Syria shows that the US and its allies are determined to continue with their plans to carry out regime change in Syria and establish their domination over the whole of West Asia and North Africa. The people of Syria and of the rest of the world, who have been steadfastly opposing the warplans of US imperialism, must be extremely vigilant.

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar joins the freedom-loving people of the world in condemning the latest attack on Syria by Israel.


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Parties of the capitalist class claim that there is no
alternative to the program of globalisation,liberalisation
and privatisation. The truth is thatthere IS an alternative.

The alternative is to reorient the economy to fulfil people’s
needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed. This is the
program for the Navnirman of India.

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Comrade Lal Singh on behalf of the Central Committee
of the Communist Ghadar Party of India to the Second
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Click to Download PDFInterview with Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of Communist Ghadar Party of India

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