Condemn the US backed invasion of Yemen!

War planes of Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies of the US attacked Yemen on March 26, 2015. This is part of a war of aggression launched by Saudi Arabia against Yemen in order to establish a regime in that country which is under Saudi dictate. US imperialism has openly backed the Saudi invasion, with the announcement that the US President Barack Obama had authorized US “logistical and intelligence support” to the invasion.

According to Al-Arabia news channel, in an operation called Storm of Resolve, 150,000 troops and 100 fighter planes of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf allies have been deployed in this war against Yemen. The allies UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, and Sudan have committed fighter planes, with Sudan also committing ground forces. Egypt has committed naval and air force, and is reported to be ready to commit ground forces. In other words, the entire alliance of US imperialism in the Arab world has been mobilized in this war against Yemen.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the Saudi Arabian government and its US imperialist backers for this brutal violation of the sovereignty of Yemen. This act of war, far from contributing to resolving the crisis in Yemen and in West Asia, will only further exacerbate it.

A civil War has been raging in Yemen for the past few years. Two years ago, as part of the “Arab Spring”, the US imperialists and their Saudi Allies organized regime change in Yemen and brought to power President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi after overthrowing the previous President. Now, oppositional forces called the Houthi militia have gained the upper hand, first taking over the capital, Saana, in September 2014, and forcing the President to flee to Aden, and now taking over Aden. The pretext for the invasion of Yemen advanced by the Saudi rulers is that the Houthi Militia are allegedly backed by Iran. This is the old method of the thief crying “stop thief” to cover up his crime.

Yemen is a strategically situated country on the Southern border of Saudi Arabia, flanking the Red Sea. Its port of Aden has historically been extremely crucial in controlling the sea route between Europe and Asia through the Red Sea, ever since the Suez Canal was built connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Sea. During the Cold War, it was a major arena of contention between the US and the Soviet Union. Now, as part of their plan to redraw the map of West Asia, the US imperialists and their Saudi Arabian allies have launched this savage war against Yemen.

As the Saudi led air assault killed civilian people in the capital Saana, thousands of people gathered at the gate of the Saana’s old city to condemn the air strikes, waving Houthi banners and chanting “Death to America”.


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Parties of the capitalist class claim that there is no
alternative to the program of globalisation,liberalisation
and privatisation. The truth is thatthere IS an alternative.

The alternative is to reorient the economy to fulfil people’s
needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed. This is the
program for the Navnirman of India.

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This document, What Kind of Party?, was presented by
Comrade Lal Singh on behalf of the Central Committee
of the Communist Ghadar Party of India to the Second
National Consultative Conference held December 29-30, 1993.

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Click to Download PDFInterview with Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of Communist Ghadar Party of India

by Comrade Chandra Bhan, Editor of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar

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