Condemn the US “surge” offensive in Afghanistan!

Thousands of US soldiers armed to the teeth with the deadliest weaponry available today began a massive ‘surge’ offensive in Afghanistan in the second week of February 2010 to wipe out centers of Afghan resistance to the occupation forces. According to the US and NATO occupation forces, the aim is to “liberate” various regions from “Taliban Control”. In the course of this latest offensive, hundreds of civilians, including women and childen, have been killed.  Mazdoor Ekta Lehar condemns this latest offensive of the US imperialists and its allies.

The current war in Afghanistan began in the aftermath of the terrorist strikes in the USA on 09.11.2001, with the US imperialists and their allies declaring that forces then ruling Afghanistan were “behind” these attacks and hence constituted a threat to the whole civilised world. They wished to assert their “right” to establish a regime which followed the dictates of Western parliamentary democracy, multiparty democracy, good governance et al. The aim was to control a strategic region at the cross roads of West Asia, South Asia and Central Asia. With all the firepower at their command, and after raining death and destruction on Afghanistan for years on end, the US –led alliance could assert its dictate only in the capital and a few other towns. Over eight years later, most areas of the country continued to be outside the control of the foreign occupoers.

The brave people of Afghanistan have never ever kowtowed before any foreign occupier—be it the British colonialists, the Soviet social imperialists, or US imperialism. They have viewed with contempt the puppet regime established by the US-NATO forces and have never given up the resistance struggle to liberate their country from occupation forces. Despite the overwhelming superiority of the firepower of the enemy, the Afghan people, who have been fighting occupation forces for most of the past 30 years,  continue their relentless struggle. Those resisting the occupation contributed to the deaths of at least 520 US and allied soldiers in 2009 alone. People all over the world, including the US, UK and the countries which had contributed troops for the operations in Afghanistan, started voicing their growing opposition to the war in Afghanistan as well.

In a desperate attempt to “win” the war in Afghanistan, the US – led forces have begun their latest highly armed and equally highly publicised offensive on towns like Marjah which are strongholds of the resistance. The blitz of media publicity accompanying the offensive claimed that the troops would not just clear out the resistance from the town, it would be followed by ‘Afghan police and administrators’ to bring in “good governance” so that the resistance could not come back. It is claimed that it would not just clear out the resistance, but “clear, hold and build”. This blitz of publicity would have one believe that the only reason why the US –led allies have not been able to succeed in exerting their writ outside Kabul for the last eight and half is the lack of “good governance”. It glosses over the fact that the occupying forces are hated throughout the country and beyond. It is not just in Afghanistan, but in several bordering areas of Pakistan as well, that US – led forces have rained death and destruction on thousands of innocent men women and children!

The latest offensive in Afghanistan must be stopped in its tracks. The occupying forces must be made to quit Afghanistan immediately and its people must be allowed to decide their own future.  The imperialist chieftains who have initiated and continued to execute this aggression, their generals and lackeys, must be tried in public for genocide and war crimes.


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Click to Download PDFInterview with Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of Communist Ghadar Party of India

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