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Organise to defeat the anti-worker, anti-peasant, anti-social and anti-national agenda of the Modi government

All out for the success of the 2nd September General Strike!

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, August 28, 2016

Let us give a fitting reply to the anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-social program of the bourgeoisie by making the General Strike a success. Let us build a strong united force in defence of our rights that will challenge the capitalist program. Such unity will pave the way for the class to lead the broad masses of workers, peasants and all oppressed around the program of Navnirman of India. this | more from: MEL Sep 1-15 2016, Statements

On the occasion of the 70th Indian Independence Day:

Which way forward for India?

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 15th August, 2016

The Government of India has made preparations for celebrating the 70th Independence Day with great pomp and pride. this | more from: MEL Aug 16-31 2016, Statements

Massive country-wide strike by bank workers paralyses bank operations

Eight to ten lakh bank workers struck work for one day on 29th July 2016 to oppose the Central Government's plan for merger and divestment of public sector banks. this | more from: MEL Aug 16-31 2016, Struggle for Rights

Brutal attack on protests against the killing of Burhan Wani:

Condemn the barbaric persecution of the Kashmiri people!

The killing of a 22 year old youth Burhan Wani on 8th July in a fake encounter by the security forces has led to widespread protests all across the southern part of Kashmir and in the capital city of Srinagar. Youth have come out in large numbers in these protests. this | more from: MEL Jul 16-31 2016, Voice of the Party

Unrelenting protests by Belgian and French workers

From the last week of May 2016 onwards, tens of thousands of workers in Belgium have been participating in protests all across the country against labour “reforms” of their government. Likewise millions of workers in France have been on the streets to demand that their government withdraw anti-worker changes in labour laws. this | more from: MEL Jun 16-30 2016, World/Geopolitics

No justification for state terrorism in Mathura

According to news reports, on 2nd June, the Uttar Pradesh police launched an operation to clear a government park in Mathura of a group of encroachers. Twenty seven people died during this action, including five women and two children. Two police officers also died during the action. A large number of men, women and children received injuries, many grievous. this | more from: MEL Jun 16-30 2016, Political-Economy

Gulbarg Society massacre verdict:

Those responsible must be punished!

One of the most unspeakable examples of state-sponsored communal violence that took place 14 years ago in Gujarat was the butchering of 69 residents of the Gulbarg Society housing complex in Ahmedabad.  Innocent men, women and children, mainly of the Muslim faith, were besieged for 6 hours, then hacked, raped and torched to death this | more from: MEL Jun 16-30 2016, Political-Economy

Revolutionary greetings to all workers on May Day!

Let us prepare to dig the grave of the inhuman capitalist system!

On 1st May, 2016, workers of all countries will march militantly on the streets hoisting the red flag of struggle and sacrifice in defence of their hard won rights. May Day rallies will be taking place in conditions of all sided attacks on workers’ rights by governments acting on behalf of the capitalist monopolies. this | more from: MEL May 1-15 2016, Voice of the Party

Long live International Workers Day!

This parasitic and rotten system is a burden on the working class!

Statement of the Delhi Regional Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 1 May 2016

Comrades, Red Salute on May Day!

Over 130 years ago the working class heralded the struggle for their rights as workers demanded eight hours working day, with eight hours of rest and another eight to be dedicated to fulfilling their duties towards the society. To crush the struggle of the working class of Chicago the government of the capitalist imprisoned the workers, condemned them to harsh punishment and tortured them in various ways, including sending them to the gallows. The police and security forces of the capitalists fired upon them, killing hundreds of workers. The flag in the hands of the workers was drenched in their blood and this became the symbol of their struggle against the capitalists class. this | more from: MEL May 1-15 2016, Statements

Air pollution in Delhi and other cities:

Capitalist greed is the root cause of rising air pollution

The recent announcement of the Delhi government that it would repeat the system of rationing of private cars on the roads in the second fortnight of April 2016 under the “odd – even” scheme  has brought the issue of air pollution and traffic congestion in Indian cities into focus once again. this | more from: MEL Apr 16-30 2016, Political-Economy

Comrade AD Golandaz

Comrade AD Golandaz, veteran communist and trade union leader, breathed his last on March 30, 2016. Comrade Golandazwas suffering for the last six months from terminal cancer. this | more from: MEL Apr 16-30 2016, Political-Economy

Haryana Assembly amends labor laws in favor of capitalists

Workers cutting across party and trade union affiliation have begun a militant united campaign against the savage attack launched by the Haryana government on the rights of workers. The Haryana Government has passed a series of amendments to labour laws that have far reaching impact on the rights of labor. They are blatantly anti worker and pro capitalist. this | more from: MEL Apr 16-30 2016, Political-Economy

Opposition in Japan to the broadening of military alliance with US

Thousands of anti war protestors surrounded the Japanese Parliament in the capital Tokyo in March 29, 2016. They were expressing the opposition of the Japanese people to the new security laws passed by the Abe government that allows the Japanese military to engage in conflicts abroad. this | more from: MEL Apr 16-30 2016, World/Geopolitics

Surgical strikes, the Uri incident, and whipping up of chauvinist war hysteria:

Who benefits from the escalating tension between India and Pakistan?

On September 29, 2016, at a joint Press Conference by the Army and the External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi, the spokesperson of the army announced: “Based on very credible and specific information which we received yesterday that some terrorist teams had positioned themselves at launch pads along the Line of Con this | more from: MEL Oct 16-31 2016, World/Geopolitics

Public Meeting to Oppose Black Laws held in Mumbai

Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC), Lok Raj Sangathan, Communist Ghadar Party, CPIML (Liberation), and Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) organized a meeting on 22 Sep in Mumbai to oppose the proposed black law, Maharashtra Protection of internal Security Act (MPISA) and other repressive measures of the Maharashtra government. this | more from: MEL Oct 16-31 2016, Political-Economy

109th Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh

The thunder of revolution is reverberating

On the occasion of the 109th birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, a colourful cultural programme was organised in Ramgarh village of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan. The event was organised jointly by Lok Raj Sangathan, Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha, Lok Jan Samiti and Ramgarh Seva Samiti. this | more from: MEL Oct 16-31 2016, Political-Economy

Study on “Whose State and whose interest?

On 2 October 2016 Lok Raj Sangathan organised a study amongst youth in Patparganj village on the theme “Whose State and in whose interest?” A well prepared presentation was made followed by discussion.

School and college students and young workers full of curiosity, very enthusiastically participated in the presentation and ensuing discussion. this | more from: MEL Oct 16-31 2016, Political-Economy

Meeting on the topic ‘Let us understand our martyrs’

On the 109th birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Jan Chetna Manch organised a meeting on 28th September 2016 in D.A.V. School in Jakhal Tehsil of Fatehabad district.

Participants in this meeting included political workers, journalists, teachers, youth, women, boys and girls. this | more from: MEL Oct 16-31 2016, Political-Economy

Rafale aircraft deal:

Biggest Indian monopoly capitalists benefit from "Make in India" program

Media sources have recently revealed that Anil Ambani-led Reliance Defence has been chosen as French monopoly defence manufacturer Dassault Aviation’s Indian strategic partner. this | more from: MEL Oct 16-31 2016, Political-Economy

The determined struggle of the workers of Honda continues!

The struggle of the workers of Honda Motor Cycle and Scooters India (HMSI) for securing justice against the criminal and anti-labour acts of the management in cahoots with the state labour department, police, hired goons, and the government has been brought to the Capital Delhi. this | more from: MEL Oct 16-31 2016, Struggle for Rights
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