Gifts in wills

How a gift in your will can help people

Work to advance working peoples' empowerment will continue. A small percentage left in your will ensures that you will always be there too, in the spirit of advancing humanity.

Naturally you may want to take care of your loved ones first. However, a gift to our organisation in your will carries forward the fight against exploitation – whether it’s through our active solidarity, our direct support and action, or other activities. It’s also important that we have the flexibility to respond to future challenges – for example, 10 years ago, no one could predict the the rapid rate of current economic/banking crisis and the sift upsurge of people's movements;- and your gift helps us to do just that.

We always love to hear that you’ve left a gift – but there’s no pressure to say so. We respect your privacy and we don’t expect you to tell us. It’s a private and personal matter. And it’s your decision and you need to make it in your own time.

Gifts in wills FAQs

These are some of the most common questions we hear in relation to leaving a gift to the organisation. If your question is not addressed here, please email or call us.

Isn't this a private matter?

Absolutely. We believe that the only way anyone should find out about the contents of your will during your lifetime is if you choose to tell them, and we will never ask you to tell us your wishes.

Of course, if you do want to let us know your intentions, we'd love to hear from you. If you want your gift to be used in a specific area, we can provide you with more information or even arrange for you to see first hand how your money will be spent.

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How will my family feel about it?

We believe in the importance of family: that's why we don't ask you for a specific sum of money but for a small percentage of whatever is left after those close to you have been taken care of.

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I'm not a wealthy person, would anything I leave be helpful?

One of the great things about a will is that you can leave a small percentage rather than a specific amount. Whatever your circumstances, a percentage is the same share for everyone. Also, it won't be affected by inflation.

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Will my money be put to good use?

Our aim is to advance the renewal of democracy for working people's empowerment, where they direct the focus of the economy to serve them. Money is used for a specific project or campaign. We're also committed to efficiency, so you can trust that as much of your gift as possible goes to specific work, not on administration like other charities.

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How can I choose what cause to remember?

Yes, we completely understand that there will be many causes that are important to you, and you may want to remember more than one organisation or charity in your will.

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Wouldn't it be better to help now rather than later?

We are immensely grateful to anyone who chooses to support our work, whenever and however they choose to do so. We don't know what the future will hold. One thing is for sure: that there will be a need for our organisation to continue its analysis and active work for many more years to come. Society continues to change, and not always in ways that we can predict. Gifts in wills help us to respond to the challenges we will face, whatever they may be.

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What if I need to change my will?

Your situation could change and, of course, you can change the contents of your will at any time and for any reason - regardless of what you had originally decided to leave in your will. We will never ask you if you have left us a gift, and we will never put any pressure on you to tell us.

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I've decided to leave a gift to your organisation. What do I need to tell my solicitor?

The will can be made at any age after 21 years in most countries.It is not necessary to make the will on judicial or non judicial stamp paper in India. You can get the will typed on a plain paper. However, it is advisable to write your will in your own hand writing as the same can be verified later in case of any doubts raised by others.

To leave a gift to our organisation, the words you will need to add to your will are:


"On this day [full date], I [full-name] , son/daughter of [fathers full-name] , born on [date-of-birth] , born at [place-of-birth] , hereby declare that I am making this will with my full senses and without any kind of pressure and that I leave           gift-items/amount           to THE COMMUNIST GHADAR PARTY OF INDIA of FULL ADDRESS and ORGANISATION NUMBER."


Signed:_______    Print Name: _______    Date: [day/mnth/yr]

Witness1 signature:______    Print Name: ______    Date: [day/mnth/yr]

Witness1 signature:______    Print Name: ______    Date: [day/mnth/yr]  


This will was created on: [day/mnth/yr] at the place of: _________ 


Some basic guidance on wills in India.

For wills you hould always seek qualified professional legal assistance.

  • The will should include approximate current values of the items you wish to gift such as house, land, or any other property should be clearly mentioned in the will
  • You must indicate where any gift items and their ownership documents are stored by you. Such as title-deeds or share certificates, bank accounts etc.
  • You will need to carefully sign the will in presence of at least two independent witnesses.
  • These witnesses have to sign after your signature certifying that you have signed the will in their presence.
  • The date and place also must be indicated clearly at the bottom of the will.
  • All the pages of the will need to be signed by you and all the witnesses.
  • If any correction is made on the will, such corrections also must be countersigned by the person making the will and the witnesses.

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