Public Meeting to protest life sentences of Maruti workers


Maruti demo1Maruti demo2A public meeting was held under the banner of Maruti-Suzuki Mazdoor Sangh on 23rd March 2017 at the Chadhury Devi Lal Park at the Manesar Industrial Estate in Gurgaon in protest against the life sentences awarded to 13 Maruti-Suzuki workers. The meeting was organized on the occasion of the martyrdom of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.

The workers were very militant at the meeting notwithstanding the presence of a large number of police organized by the government. 43 unions participated in this meeting, from across Gurgaon, Manesar, Bawal, Dharuheda, Rewari, Neemrana, etc. Over 6000 workers were present. Slogans such as: “We will break the prison gates, we will release our comrades”, “Release the Maruti workers, withdraw your fraudulent judgment”, were raised. Several unions took out a rally from their factories and marched militantly to the meeting, raising slogans.

A presidium constituted by representatives of several unions chaired the meeting. Comrade Anil of AITUC and Comrade Rajesh Sharma of Maruti-Suzuki Mazdoor Sangh conducted the meeting. Representatives of the 43 unions present at the meeting expressed support for the struggle as they put forward their views.

They acknowledged that, besides the legal battle, we must carry on the struggle on the ground and it is our responsibility to support the families of the convicted workers. Life sentences have been awarded to the union leaders. The capitalists, government, administration and courts are working together to crush the struggles of the workers. This can be seen across the country. The management dismisses workers as soon as they form a union and submit it for registration. The speakers pointed out that this in fact is a struggle between classes. If we submit to this today, then attacks will increase on every kind of organization.

A letter sent by the convicted workers was read out at the meeting. Revolutionary songs and poems were presented.

Comrade Sathbir of the Joint Workers Council – Gurgaon and Rewari, reported that just recently the meeting of the Council had put forward 3 proposals: an appeal will be made at the Chandigarh High Court against the life sentence awarded to 13 Maruti workers; secondly, workers will give up one day’s salary in support of the families of the convicted workers and towards the legal struggle; thirdly, to carry on the struggle for reinstatement of previously jailed workers dismissed from their jobs by the management.

He said that a meeting of all trade unions will be held on 28th March to plan for advancing the struggle. A petition was submitted to the Chief Minister of Haryana in the name of the Joint Workers Council – Gurgaon and Rewari.


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