All out for the success of the mass 3-Day workers’ protest rally! Working class must capture political power, like in Russia 100 years ago!

Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 3 November, 2017

Comrade workers!

The 3-day Mahapadav outside Parliament, starting on 9th November, is a massive protest action which is being organised by the National Convention of Workers, consisting of trade unions and their federations covering workers in diverse sectors.They include workers in steel, coal, electricity, petroleum, machinery and machine tools, defence production, railways, banks, road, air and water transport, telecom and IT industries.The 3-day action in Delhi has been preceded by mass campaigns all over the country, in every state, district and block, and in every industrial area.

The Charter of Demands includes the establishment of a universal public distribution system, banning speculative trade in essential commodities, strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without exception, severe punishment of those who violate labour laws, minimum wage of at least Rs. 18000 per month with provision for cost-of-living adjustment, halt to privatisation, ban on using temporary contracts for performing perennial work of permanent nature, compulsory registration of trade unions within 45 days of application and halt to foreign investment in railways, insurance and defence.

The National Convention of Workers, in its declaration issued on 8th August, extended full solidarity to the agitating farmers in various parts of the country and to the Joint National Forum of Peasants’ Organisations.It called upon the working people throughout the country to prepare for an indefinite General Strike in the near future against the anti-people and anti-national activities of the central government.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India hails the growing unity of the working class, and of worker-peasant unity, against the capitalist class and its successive governments! Let us ensure the success of the 3-day protest rally and make it a massive show of strength by the Indian working class!

Comrade workers!

The strength of our protest actions has been growing from year to year. Crores of workers participated in the General Strikes in September 2015 and September 2016.However, the central Government is continuing with its anti-labour, anti-peasant and anti-national activities in spite of our massive protest actions.This poses a serious question before the leadership of the working class: What must we do to change the course of India?

The capitalist class and all its spokesmen claim that the course of India is determined by the party which runs the central government.If the government acts against the interests of the toiling majority of people, we are asked to vote against the ruling party in the next Lok Sabha elections.However, our life experience has shown that voting against the party in power does not lead to any change in the course of India.

When the BJP-led government headed by Vajpayee was voted out in 2004, a Congress Party-led government headed by Manmohan Singh took charge.It was claimed that while BJP made India shine for only the richest capitalists, Congress Party would allegedly benefit both the rich and the poor. However, between 2004 and 2014, the gap between the richest 1 percent and all other Indians widened more rapidly than ever before.This was then blamed on the corrupt Congress Party; and BJP was promoted as the “clean” alternative.Today, when BJP rule has become unbearable, Congress Party is once again being promoted as the “secular” alternative.

While one party replaces another periodically, the conditions of workers and peasants go from bad to worse. Each capitalist government attacks our livelihood and rights, more ferociously than the previous one.

It is not the party in power which sets the agenda and decides the course of India.There is a class which stands behind these parties.The capitalist class, headed by about 150 monopoly houses, sets the agenda.

Capitalist monopolies use their immense money power and their control over the State and the media to ensure electoral victory for one or another of their trusted parties. They use elections to sort out their internal contradictions and to gain legitimacy for their program, presenting it as the “people’s mandate”.

While one party replaces another periodically through elections, what remains unchanged is the State of the dictatorship of the capitalist class.The entire state machinery, consisting of the courts, the bureaucracy, police and security forces, consistently act in the service of the capitalist class and suppress the resistance of the workers and peasants.

We, the organisers and activists of the working class, are duty bound to speak the truth to our class.We must tell all workers that it is useless to hope that the next round of elections will lead to some change in our favour. We must expose the truth that neither the problem of corruption nor the problem of communalism can be solved as long as the capitalist class headed by the monopoly houses wields the existing State to divide and rule over the toiling masses and loot our land and labour.

Our struggle is not just against this or that particular party. It is against the class in power.We need to get organised to dislodge this class and take political power into our own hands. Only then can we change the course of India.

Comrade workers!

The 7th of November this year marks the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia.It is 100 years since the workers and soldiers of Russia stormed the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and arrested the representatives of the bourgeois provisional government.The Russian working class, allied with the majority of peasants, took political power into its hands.It became the ruling class and changed the course of Russia as well as the entire course of world history.

The Indian working class of today is much bigger in size, more educated and unionised compared to the Russian working class 100 years ago.What must we do in order to become the ruling class of our country?

We need to develop our political consciousness and organisation to the highest possible level. We must liberate the trade union movement from the influence of bourgeois parliamentary politics. We must fight with the aim of replacing the existing system of parliamentary democracy with a new system of proletarian democracy – a system in which the will of the toiling majority prevails and not the will of an exploiting minority.

We must fight with the aim of depriving the capitalist monopoly houses of their ownership and control over the principal means of production and exchange. We must fight with the aim of reorienting the economy to fulfil human needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed.

An important task is to build and strengthen the workers’ unity committees that have been established in numerous sectors and industrial areas. Such committees are helping to overcome the divisions fostered by parliamentary party rivalry. They are organs for strengthening political unity and providing collective leadership to the common struggle of all workers. We must develop them further as forums where workers collectively set the agenda. We must use them as instruments for preparing our class to capture political power.

Comrade workers!

The capitalist monopoly houses are dragging India on a reckless course. They have installed a majority BJP regime headed by Narendra Modi to race ahead with their anti-worker, anti-peasant, anti-social and anti-national agenda.Diabolical measures such as the Note Ban and GST are part of the aggressive drive of Indian monopoly capitalists to emerge as a major global power.In pursuit of this narrow aim, the rulers of our country are deploying communalism to divide and divert the workers and peasants. They are befriending US imperialism, the most dangerous power which is aggressively pursuing its aim of dominating the whole of Asia.They are thereby increasing the danger of India getting embroiled in unjust and destructive imperialist wars.

The only way to save India from this disastrous path is by putting an end to the rule of the exploiters, headed by the capitalist monopoly houses. It was the revolution led by the working class which pulled Russia out of the First World War and opened the path of all-round progress for her people 100 years ago.The present situation in our country is crying out for such a revolution.

All parties and organisations of the working class need to focus on the key question: How can we end the rule of the exploiting minority and establish workers’ and peasants’ rule in our country? We must not get diverted from this question under any pretext.

Come, let us devote all our energies to this glorious mission! Let us work to create the conditions for the victory of revolution on Indian soil!

Inquilab Zindabad!


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