Letter to Editor: Anarchy, violence and terror serve to maintain capitalist rule

The Editor,


I am writing in response to the article entitled 'Anarchy, violence and terror serve to maintain capitalist rule', carried in the September 1-15,2018 issue of MEL. This article is a very important and timely one, and is the result of the application of the living science of Marxism-Leninism to one of the important phenomena dominating life in India today.

It is often assumed that there are phenomena in the social and political sphere that cannot be explained, and that phenomena are unconnected and events just occur on their own. However, the study of the social and political and economic phenomena with a clear mind and with the desire to get to the bottom of things leads to a clear picture that is hard to refute. The above said, the present article shows clearly where the well-spring of problems that face India today in the form of breakdown of society and anarchy lies. This well-spring is the economic system that prevails in the country, which is unbridled and rapacious capitalism.

The iron laws of capitalism that result in boom and bust cycles on the one hand, and massive concentration of wealth at one pole and vast poverty at the other pole and irrefutable features of the Indian economic system. Furthermore, the big bourgeoisie and the monopoly capitalists that rule the roost, just as their predecessors in the west such as Europe and North America, today nurture imperialist dreams, since Imperialism in the classic sense of Marxism-Leninism is the final stage of capitalism. This objective development has led to irreconcilable contradictions between the big bourgeoisie, the dominant class and the working people and the vast masses of India on the other. Given that the colonial state was inherited by this class over 70 years ago, with all the apparatus in place, this class has honed and perfected the use of all the colonial tools and the tricks of the trade, including the use of draconian laws, the state machinery, the judiciary and the legal system, as well as the use of colonial type powers in vast stretches of the country, such as the hated AFSPA, de facto martial law, as well as state terror on an unprecedented scale.

Just as the end of the `socialist pattern of development' of the first three two four decades of Independence ran its course required the massive deployment of state terror and anarchy, and the outright use of violence as evidenced by the Babri Masjid destruction and events that followed, was followed by the period of liberalization and privatization, now as the contradictions generated by this have come to the fore, the answer of the bourgeoisie is to create willy-nilly anarchy and hate all around the country. By using intelligence agencies and agent provocateurs, and having a whole army of rabble-rousers and confusion and rumour mongers working overtime on Prime Time Television and on social media and the internet, a climate of deep hatred has been created. One day it is to protect cows, the next day to protect this or that place of worship, the creation of mass hysteria is part and parcel of the game plan. The ensuing confusion gives the pretext to clamp down and put away those who are questioning the system and the dominance of the bourgeoisie in all spheres of life. The most important point that has been brought out in the article is that it is not just the BJP that does this kind of thing, but when the Congress has been in power, it has done the same thing. As both are parties of the bourgeoisie, there is little to choose between them, and there is more in common in them than meets the eye. While one would campaign on an anti-corruption platform, the other would on a secular platform. By being asked to side with one or the other, the working class is made to walk up the path of compromise and hence of disaster.

The central issue at this point is to understand what is what and to realize the violence and anarchy is part and parcel of the ruling class ideology, and the only way it knows to prevent its downfall. This is not limited to India, but the entire world capitalist system, in the face of its inability to solve any problem, and in its lurching from one crisis to another, unleashes wave after wave of anarchy and confusion and repression, and there is little to buck the trend.

The above said, clarity on the issue can only pave the path for the coming together of communists world over and to realize that the entire path of compromise with social democracy has been a disaster and there is no alternative to socialism. This is the noble goal towards which we all need to strive. True security and progress and human rights can only be achieved when we place on the centre-stage the need for a new system that will cater to the rights of all.

I once again enthusiastically congratulate you on carrying this remarkable article.

A. Narayan


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