Condemn the state terror in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has exploded in anger against the Citizenship Amendment Act ever since 12th December when the Bill was passed. However, people have spilt out on the streets in huge numbers  and protesting peacefully, demanding that the government should immediately repeal this most reactionary, communal and divisive Act.


Speaking at a rally, Prime Minister Modi declared that “we can identify the protestors against the CAA from their very clothes”, indicating that it is the Muslims who are opposing it. Since then the protests have been growing and not just from the Muslims but from across all communities and they have spread across many cities and towns of the state.

The UP state government has unleashed terror to quell the protests. The Chief Minister, Adityanath has ordered the Police to suppress the protestors, notwithstanding the means they have to employ to do so.  On 15th December, the students of Aligarh Muslim University were the victims of vicious attacks by the police and several of them were seriously injured and many were arrested.  Hundreds of political and social activists, students and others have been detained or arrested for participating in the protests, many well-known individuals have been detained illegally in their homes, many have been killed and the police have broken into people’s homes and willfully damaged their property and smashed their belongings.  Even children have not been spared, they have been detained in jail and tortured. As the rampage against people continues, the Chief Minister has declared “revenge” against those “who have destroyed public property” saying that they will be forced to pay compensation for the damages. Several people have been given notice of demand for compensation. The state violence has not been only against those protesting, but has also been unleashed against the general population, who have had nothing to do with the protests and have been going about their routine.

The Chief Minister has further applauded the methods of the administration to quell the protests as a “shining example of law and order” and has claimed that this has “silenced all opposition to the CAA”!

It has been reported that the state administration and police officials – the District Collector and Superintendent of Police have been ordered that on no account should any protests be allowed to take place in their jurisdiction, else their jobs will be at stake.

Whichever states the BJP is ruling – Assam, Karnataka (for eg. Mangalore) – the state terror has been used in full force against those who are protesting against the CAA and NRC.

Communist Ghadar Party unequivocally condemns the use of state terror unleashed to crush the opposition to the CAA and demands that the Act be repealed and all those arrested for opposing the Act be released immediately. To respond to the peaceful opposition by people with state terror is just not acceptable.


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