Coronavirus pandemic – An opportunity for big capitalists!

Respected Editor,

I am a regular reader of your paper since I find it very insightful. Through your newspaper I would like to share with your readers as to how Coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity for big capitalist groups.

Due to my job in a big company, I am privy to various discussions which happen between head honchos of various big capitalist groups. All the big capitalist groups are looking at various ways of utilizing people’s misery for their selfish gains.

Many big capitalist corporations for instance, are licking their lips, since they think that the economic crisis due to the lock down of businesses world over will throw some companies in distress which they can acquire at throwaway prices. No wonder that along with some essential services Stock Market related work was exempted by Government of India from lockdown.

Almost all the companies are looking at getting favorable publicity by claiming that they have given so many crores to help the Coronavirus tackling efforts, whereas in reality this money was to be spent in any case as a CSR expense.

Most of the companies are thinking of devious ways by which they can give Coronavirus triggered crisis as an excuse to cut down fixed cost of companies. Some have declared that there will not be any increments while some have declared that there will be flat reduction of salaries. Some have declared that every employee will have to put in extra hours to make good the loss.

Most of the big companies are mandating their supply chain teams to drive a hard bargain with the vendors and demand discounts. Thus every big vendor will push the smaller vendor and the small vendors will thus try to recover the money by exploiting the workers. This is how the burden of financial crisis will be shifted on to the backs of working people.

Thus even in this grievous situation, the parasitic capitalist class, will live up to their nature and find our devious ways to profit even in times of crisis !

Your reader,




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