Oppose War Mongering and War Preparations!

Oppose growing Anglo-American interference in South Asia!

Statement of the CGPI, January 10, 2002

Since the December 13 attack on Parliament, the ruling circles have systematically whipped up war hysteria. Both countries have organised a massive mobilisation of troops and military arsenal all along the international border as well as the LOC. Simultaneously, the Indian government has launched a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan, which in turn, has responded with its own diplomacy.

The Anglo-American imperialists are rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunities for playing "peace-brokers" in South Asia, through both military and diplomatic intervention. Bush and Blair are giving sermons for "peace" to India and Pakistan. Home Minister Advani is visiting the US for discussions with the US government on collaboration in "internal security". The US President has announced a "mediator" between India and Pakistan. A high level delegation of US politicians visiting Islamabad has announced that US military presence in South Asia is here to stay and US "mediation" is necessary for "ensuring peace" between India and Pakistan!

The Communist Ghadar Party of India raises its principled voice of opposition to the war preparations and to imperialist intervention in the name of "peace-making". The Indian people must raise their voice against the diplomatic and military intervention in South Asia by the Anglo-American imperialists. We must boldly hoist the banner of peace in South Asia.

All political forces in South Asia must make a sober assessment of the diplomatic and military strategies of the ruling circles of India and Pakistan. The issue is clear and simple. The war mongering, the war preparations, and the diplomacy of Vajpayee and Musharraf are against the interests of all the peoples of South Asia. They play straight into the imperialist strategy for the conquest of South Asia. No political force can afford to remain silent at such a crucial period. No political force in India can afford to make cynical calculations based on narrow electoral or other such petty considerations.

In the post-Cold War period, and most emphatically after September 11, 2001, the Anglo-American imperialists have declared that they will fashion a world order dictated solely by their interests. At the base of the war-mongering, "peace-making", terror and tension on the world scale lies the acute crisis of capitalism and the strategy of imperialism to find a way out of this crisis. The imperialist alliance headed by the Anglo-American imperialists wants to redivide and conquer Asia following the collapse and disintegration of the Soviet Union. The bombardment and subjugation of Afghanistan was but the first step in their grand plan to conquer Asia—the source of many vital raw materials and the largest and most promising "emerging markets". Increasing Anglo-American imperialist interference in South Asia must be seen in this context. It poses the biggest threat to peace and sovereignty of the peoples and states of South Asia.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Pervez Musharraf have contributed to the dangerously increasing imperialist military and diplomatic penetration of South Asia. The first act was the competitive support both of them provided to the Anglo-American imperialists’ unjust war against Afghanistan. Now Vajpayee and Musharraf are competing on the diplomatic front trying to score points as to what is "terrorism" and what is "freedom struggle" and asking the Anglo-American imperialists, the biggest terrorists and greatest enemies of all freedom and liberation struggles, to be the arbiter. It is shameful that the very imperialists who are responsible for the repeated partition of our country, the very imperialists who organised the division of Punjab and Kashmir and Bengal and have left no stone unturned to keep India and Pakistan fighting against each other, are now being given a red-carpet welcome to intervene militarily in Kashmir.

Fifty five years ago, the subcontinent was in ferment and the people of India were poised to overthrow colonialism together with its entire political, economic and ideological legacy. The colonialists organised communal massacres and the partition of the subcontinent, setting back the striving of India’s peoples by decades and reinforcing their positions in the region. The Anglo-American imperialists have always been bitter enemies of the peoples of South Asia and their strivings for progress and emancipation. The Anglo-American imperialists do not want the peoples of South Asia to live together in peace and address their problems. They do not want South Asia to break out of the imperialist chain.

In 1947, India’s politicians who were engaged in the freedom struggle had two options. They could either unite against the British imperialists, set aside their internal differences, and build a new India on the basis of a clean break with imperialism and the colonial legacy. Or they could collaborate in the partition of India, out of common fear of the workers and peasants and their aspirations. The reactionary bourgeoisie who assumed leadership in the anti-colonial movement choose the latter course. This inflicted an immense setback to the Indian peoples’ struggle for peace and security, progress and prosperity. Today, a similar situation is unfolding, a similar choice is presented.

The problem of peace and security of the peoples of India and Pakistan cannot be left in the hands of the bourgeoisie. It is the peoples of the two countries who must take up this problem for solution. The people of India and Pakistan must exercise greatest vigilance that they do not get stabbed in the back once again by those who claim to be their leaders. We must not allow our rulers to foist war on us. We must unite and oppose all imperialist military and diplomatic intervention in South Asia. Let us work for resolution of all problems between countries and peoples of South Asia without any outside interference. Let us hoist the banner of peace in South Asia!


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