Condemn the Anglo-American military aggression on Afghanistan! Imperialist military forces, get out of the region!

Statement of the CGPI, October 9, 2001

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the savage war of aggression launched by the US and British imperialists on the night of October 7 against Afghanistan. All the justifications advanced by US President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, or other members of the so-called "global alliance against terrorism" to present this unjust war against a ravaged people as a "just war" cannot hide the imperialist character of this war.

Through a combination of arm-twisting, blackmail, bribery, and unprincipled secret deals with various powers harbouring imperialist ambitions, the Anglo-American imperialists have cobbled together this "global alliance against terrorism" and begun to rain death and destruction on Afghanistan and her hapless people. In these moments of great tragedy for the fraternal Afghan people, the Communist Ghadar Party of India extends the solidarity of the Indian working class and people to the Afghan people. Together with all anti-imperialist and progressive forces in the subcontinent, and together with the millions of fighters against this unjust war who have taken to the streets the world over, we pledge to pour our energies to bring this unjust war to an immediate end.

The people of Afghanistan have been and remain the victim of great power, imperialist politics. Occupying a strategic position between West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia, Afghanistan has been and remains a bone of contention amongst the imperialists. If in the nineteenth century, Britain and Tsarist Russia fought over Afghanistan, the last quarter of the twentieth century saw the social imperialist Soviet Union and the US imperialists devastating Afghanistan as part of their contention for domination of this region. Millions were maimed or wounded, millions more turned into refugees.

The war launched against Afghanistan by the Anglo-American imperialists with collusion from Russia and other powers is a continuation of the US imperialist politics of redividing West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia and establishing its unquestioned suzerainty over Asia. It is ominous that the Anglo-American imperialists have declared that the war against Afghanistan is just the beginning, that other countries will be targeted in the coming period. The unfolding situation demands that the peoples of the region unitedly oppose the Anglo-American imperialists and their war. The peoples must demand of their governments that they end the policy of supporting the Anglo-American war.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the stand of the Vajpayee Government of support to the Anglo-American war against the fraternal Afghan people. The Vajpayee government is pursuing an agenda that is fraught with disastrous consequences for the freedom and sovereignty of India, as well as for peace in South Asia and the region at large.

The CGPI calls upon the communists and all anti-imperialist and peace living Indians, to rise to the occasion and vigorously oppose the Anglo-American war against Afghanistan. Only resolute and firm opposition to this unjust imperialist war, and to the imperialist system that gives rise to predatory wars of conquest of peoples and countries, can save our region and Asia as a whole from being engulfed in a wider conflagration. The peoples of India and Pakistan, the peoples of the rest of Asia, the people of the whole world have a great responsibility on their shoulders. Throughout the world, people are coming onto the streets expressing their complete opposition to the unjust imperialist war against Afghanistan. The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon the working class and people of India to unite firmly in opposition to the imperialist war.


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