Peoples of South Asia must say NO to US interference in the region!

Statement of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, September 23, 2001

With the act of declaring war against the Taliban government in Afghanistan and demanding unquestioning support to this war from all the states in the name of fighting terrorism, US imperialism has launched a devastating attack on the peoples of South Asia and their unity. Tremendous pressure is being applied on the peoples, to incite brother against brother and neighbouring peoples against one another, so as to turn this region into a war zone. The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns this dastardly activity of US imperialism and calls on all the peoples of South Asia to raise their voices in unison against any form of US armed intervention in this region.

The peoples of India and Pakistan have been fighting consistently for peace and lasting friendship amongst them based on resolving all the outstanding problems between the two countries free from foreign interference. The lesson of history is that the Anglo-American imperialists have never wanted the unity of the peoples of the region and, beginning with the partition of the subcontinent over 5 decades ago, have pursued a policy of fomenting discord and animosity between the two countries and peoples. Just after the embers of the fratricidal Kargil war had died down and the Indian and Pakistani rulers, under the pressure of public opinion, had started preliminary negotiations to normalise relations, the latest acts of the US imperialists reveal that the US is upto its old game of inciting hostility and playing India and Pakistan against one another. By declaring their wholehearted support to US imperialism and pointing out potential targets in Pakistan for attack, the Vajpayee Government in India is acting as an enthusiastic warmonger in the service of imperialism. It shows the narrow-mindedness and opportunism of the Indian bourgeoisie, which wants to 'gain' from a US led war in the region, even though such a war endangers all the peoples of the region.

The US imperialists mounted immense pressure on the Government of Pakistan to ensure its support for the "war against terrorism". The Indian government’s offer to fully collaborate with US imperialism and its demand that Pakistan be declared a terrorist state added immensely to this pressure. Faced with the threat of being isolated and branded a rogue state by the US and all their allies, General Musharraf announced his decision to extend cooperation to the US.

The events in the past few days have been a setback to the efforts of the peoples of India and Pakistan for peace and harmony in the subcontinent. The deep anger and resentment that exist amongst the people of this region against the war mongering policies of the imperialists must be galvanised to build a strong anti-imperialist front among the peoples of South Asian. All those who are opposed to and affected by the military blackmail and aggression, economic pressures, racial and communal hatred being unleashed by the US imperialists and their allies and collaborators, can and must be mobilised to join the anti-imperialist front.

The decades old policy of "divide and rule" of the Anglo-American imperialists have proved to the peoples of the subcontinent in no uncertain terms that their progress is entirely dependent on making a clean break with this colonial legacy. South Asia can rise above the crisis only by the peoples uniting to keep the US and other imperialist powers out of this region, and by carrying forward the struggle to uproot the colonial vestiges.

History has repeatedly shown that the ruling classes of the region, the big bourgeoisie and big landed interests along with the military, bureaucracy and the political parties in power, cannot be relied on to defend national sovereignty or safeguard peace. Only the strengthening of the anti-imperialist front of the peoples of the region, with the working class at the head, can prevent imperialist war, affirm the sovereignty of all the nations and peoples and safeguard peace in this region.

Already, the broad masses of people in Pakistan have risen up in revolt against the decision of their government to collaborate with the US in its aggression against the Afghan people. Protests have broken out in India and Bangladesh as well. The working class and people of India must contribute their might to block the path of the imperialists and warmongers, demanding that India must not collaborate with the US in this unjust war against our brothers and sisters.

The freedom-loving and peace-loving peoples in this subcontinent respect the ancient people of Afghanistan, with whom we have fought shoulder to shoulder against external invaders and occupiers for many centuries. We have great regard for the patriotic fighting spirit of the Afghan people, who have a long history of epic battles to throw out external invaders and occupiers of their land. The stand of the Government of Afghanistan, questioning why anybody in their country should be "handed over" for having committed terrorist crimes without the US showing any proof or evidence of guilt, is a legitimate and principled stand. Like wise, the decision of the Afghan government to defend the sovereignty of Afghanistan from all external attacks is a just stand. It deserves to be supported by all the peoples and governments of South Asia.

US military intervention in Afghanistan will be a gross act of interference and violation of the sovereignty of Afghan people. It will set the stage for the permanent stationing of foreign troops in South Asia and extension of imperialist war in the name of a "prolonged campaign against terrorism".

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls on all communists, patriots and peace-loving peoples and parties in South Asia to redouble their efforts to build solidarity among all peoples of South Asia against US imperialism and its unjust war.

US imperialists -- Hands off Afghanistan!

No to foreign troops in the soil of the Indian subcontinent!

Down with the Vajpayee Government’s decision to hitch India to the war-chariot of US imperialism!

An attack on one is an attack on all!

Build the unity of the peoples of South Asia against all foreign interference in the region!


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